When it comes to attracting new customers online, there is no doubt that video content is by far the best marketing technique. With the help of video marketing, you can combine visual imagery, sound, and other extra effects to provide a fuller picture of your product. In addition to this, videos are dynamic. As a result, they have a better chance of grabbing a viewer’s attention than a static advertisement that uses images. If you look at the numbers, 85% of the total marketers in the world prefer video to be a more effective way of grabbing the attention of potential customers.

Today, we will show you some of the best video maker tools that you must try when making videos for marketing. 

1. InVideo 

Starting our list of video maker tools, we have the best industry, which is InVideo. This video maker packs tons of features but what’s more important is how great of a product it is as a whole. With InVideo, you will be making full HD videos and editing them according to your needs. When someone starts creating videos, they might not have the proper knowledge of every effect and tool. Well, that’s where InVideo shines a lot, as it comes with many tutorials that will help a newcomer make better decisions when they are creating videos. As a result, a video maker will have a more professional finish, and their videos will look more attractive to the customers. 

2. Biteable

If you have no time to create videos, then Biteable is the video maker who can make things easier for you. More than 1000 built-in templates can help you create videos from scratch and share content to social media platforms faster than ever. The starting plan of Biteable is $19 a month, and the premium plan is $49 per month. 

3. TubeBuddy

This is one of the free video marketing tools which one can use even on their smartphones. You get to install the browser extension, and from there, you can edit your videos according to your need. In addition to this, once you install the extension, the online video editor will be integrated into your YouTube Channel. 

4. Loom

Loom can also be used to record your screen and the webcam footage, which you can share instantly. If you are into podcasts and interviews, this might be a great video maker tool. There are no limitations to the number of videos that you can record with a loom. In addition to this, you can protect your videos using the password if they are confidential. You need to know that you are only getting a video capturing program with the loom. Thus, if you are looking for a video editor, you need to look at other tools we have listed. 

5. Wistia

Wistia is said to be quite a professional video hosting platform where you can upload videos of up to 4k quality and 360-degree views. Besides this, Wistia can be used on any device, and a user can check the analytics of their videos and channel from their inbuilt. This analytics can help you understand your video marketing campaigns and enhance your video marketing viewership. Furthermore, this application has its SEO, making it possible for your videos to be seen on Google. Lastly, with Wistia, you will have a high number of lead generation as it makes your viewers provide their email ID to you, which can be used for email marketing. 

6. ViewBix

You can create thumbnails, keyword research for your videos, competitor analysis, schedule posts, and more in this video maker. The basic version of the TubeBuddy is free, but if you want to use the premium features, you need to pay a monthly fee that starts from $9 per month. Lastly, you are not abiding by any contract, and you can quickly get coupons and discounts available on their website. 

7. Agorapulse

This video marketing tool works quite like a social media management tool. Moreover, you can leverage its features to amplify your video content consumption. With the help of this video maker and distributor, you get to reach a larger target audience that is present on social media. This will lead your brand to have more followers and engagement on social media channels. 

8. ClipChamp

Clipchamp comes with all the essential editing options which you need in a modern video maker. With this software, you can trim and cut videos along with several transitions, motion titles, filters, and overlay options. Moreover, it comes with the support of webcam recording and video compression service. 

9. Animaker

If you are a non-designer and a beginner in creating videos, then Animaker can help you a lot with its six popular video styles. It comes with a drag and drop interface. If you look at the Animaker’s portfolio, you will be surprised to see the number of big companies which have used this software to make their videos. Some of the huge names from its clientele are Walmart, Google, Verizon, and Dell. 

10. Common Craft

Common Craft is used for creating animations and videos alike. When you are using this software, you get to watch the preview of your video before you purchase its template. It is a great video maker for those looking for a method to create explainer videos with a pinch of an emotional effect on your viewers. Lastly, it is an excellent tool for editing videos to add animation and audio quickly. 

11. Magisto 

Magisto isn’t a video maker, but it’s a video marketing tool that can help your business to get the attention of new viewers with the help of attractive marketing video templates. If you are looking to create promotional videos, Magisto is the right video marketing solution for you. In addition to this, you can add music along with the captions in the background of your video. 

12. Renderforest

Last on our list is Renderforest, enabling users to create videos and animations on its cloud platform. It is quite a simple video creation platform that doesn’t require users to have expertise in creating videos. With this cloud-based software, you get to create professional-looking videos for free. Introductions and promotional videos can be made in just five minutes using Renderforest.

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