E-commerce business has a lot of potentials to offer you great outcomes. Especially after the global COVID-19 pandemic, the entire globe prefers to shop online. And that is why the e-commerce industry is booming. 

In case you are also running an eCommerce business, you will obviously want to boost your e-commerce customer experience. For that, you need to work really hard and develop proper planning. 

When you are running an eCommerce business, you must know the importance of social media marketing tips. Ecommerce and social media have become almost inseparable. 

Research states that around 93% of consumers usually head toward social media platforms for making buying decisions. The role of social media does not end here. 90% of them also state that they actually trust product recommendations they are getting from their peers. 

So, in case you are thinking about avoiding the use social media for product marketing part for your eCommerce business and e-commerce product listing, it will become almost impossible to get the revenue you desire for. 

12 Social Media Marketing Tips To Boost E-commerce Business

Here, in this article, I will talk about social media marketing for your eCommerce business, which is also one of the best ways to boost the online presence of your e-commerce business.

Social Media Marketing Tips No. 1: Optimize Social Media Posts

By saying optimizing, I mean including high-conversion keywords in your posts in order to increase visibility in search. This way, you will be able to reach a larger audience than your direct followers and peers. 

Social Media Marketing Tips No. 2: Use Your Review

Include customer reviews in your social media handles. Let your favorite satisfied customers handle the social media marketing for you. Your potential customers will trust your previous customers more than your words. When it comes to influencing customers, the review can be used as the best tool. 

Social Media Marketing Tips No. 3: Share The Right Content

Sales pitches have become a sure-fire way to reject your customers. Rather than, you should offer your audiences useful, share-worthy content pieces. In case any content from any other handles is relevant to your niche, you can share them as well (Of course with credit) to build authority. 

Social Media Marketing Tips No. 4: Use Visual Content

Those days are now gone when people used to prefer text-based content. It is time for image-based content pieces. So, try to include more visual content rather than the traditional content. Visuals are a great way to communicate with your customers. Here, we like to mention that video content pieces are doing great in the social media space. 

Social Media Marketing Tips No. 5: In Strategic Places, Add Social Sharing Buttons

It is indeed a great idea to add sharing widgets like the “Like” button of Facebook to all of your product pages. This way, you will be able to attract more customers who are in the buying cycle. Along with that, add share buttons in those prominent areas in your website’s design. 

Social Media Marketing Tips No. 6: Interact With Peers

Social media is a great platform for directly interacting with your p[otential customers. Always remember it offers brand reliability when you will answer your customers’ queries. This way you will be able to develop a bond with your present customers and also be able to retain the previous ones. 

Social Media Marketing Tips No. 7: Start A Blog

The most common complaint that is being made against almost every eCommerce business is not having a constant stream of constant. Creating a blog is the most effective solution to these problems. Along with it, you need to share every blog content piece on your social media handles as a part of social media marketing. 

Social Media Marketing Tips No. 8: Be Consistent

For improving customer engagement and driving more traffic to your eCommerce website, posting content on a daily or regular basis is crucial. Social media marketing is all about being consistent. The basis of your market frequency can vary, but consistency is the key here. 

Social Media Marketing Tips No. 9: Be Short And Sweet

Compelling and concise updates always attract more engagement when we are talking about social media marketing. So, instead of larger posts, always opt for short posts that will convey your message more aptly and also be attractive enough to grab your followers and audience’s attention. 

Social Media Marketing Tips No. 10: Use Hashtags

Just the way keywords help your audiences to find your content on the search engines; hashtags do the same work on social media platforms. It helps you to get discovered. You cannot just continue your social media marketing without targeting any hashtags and including them in your post. 

Social Media Marketing Tips No. 11: Add Tweetable Quotes On Blog Posts

Along with allowing your audiences to tweet an entire blog post, you also should consider adding “tweet this” feature in your entire your post. It will help you in making phases and quotes tweetable. For this, you will get a number of e-commerce tools in the market.  

Social Media Marketing Tips No. 12: Use Paid Advertising 

Last but not least, paid advertising. I will not force you to do that as long as you are following all the above-mentioned tips. But, in case you have the budget, it is best to take your social media marketing to the next level and utilize the benefits of paid advertising. 

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