20 ideas for a beautiful garden that is easy to care for!

beautiful garden

beautiful garden

We all appreciate a well-kept garden, and there is no question that gardening is a therapeutic hobby. However, maintaining a garden properly requires a lot of work and can quickly become very tiring. So you may hire gardening services that can help you in reducing the workload. Plants require a lot of care: watering, planting, and removing insects and pests on a daily basis. With this in mind, we have 20 great ideas to make yard work and maintenance easier and less stressful.

  1. Choose the right seeds and tools

If you want to have the garden of your dreams, saving on seeds and gardening tools is useless. Good seeds are the guarantee that the pots will have well-developed plants. You can also use amazon coupons to get gardening tools at cheap prices.

Gardening tools are essential for watering, pruning, and cleaning, among other things. Some are non-stick and therefore easy to clean.

  1. Use stones in the garden

For a low maintenance garden, you can go for stones. The stones do not need watering and in addition, these gardens allow the design of paths and ponds for aquatic plants, not to mention that there is a wide variety of stones with different colors and textures that can form a very original garden.

  1. Let the priority be simplicity

Make a simple design. Do not put many pots with different species that will represent time and care. Choose few and low maintenance mixed in parts, some with grass and some with stones for a dynamic design.

  1. Use artificial grass

We all like green and well-pruned grass, but the truth is that to keep it that way, we need a lot of time. An alternative is to opt for artificial grass, which does not require as much work and is as beautiful as natural grass.

  1. Avoid plants that consume a lot of water

Plants that consume a lot of water, such as bamboo, quickly absorb nutrients from the soil in which they are planted, damaging nearby plants. The ideal is to avoid them, in order to have a balanced garden where all the plants can be properly nourished.

  1. Put fragile plants in pots

Some plants are very fragile and sensitive to climate change. In this case, the idea is to condition them in pots that can be moved inside the house when they begin to suffer from the change of season.

  1. Eliminate weeds

One of the most annoying tasks in gardening is preventing harmful weeds from growing in the middle of plants and pots. Fortunately, there is a natural solution to this: put in wood chips. In addition to inhibiting the growth of these pests, the chips leave the paths nice and homogeneous. Here is a quick solution you can use a polytunnel to keep your garden safe.

  1. Invest in the irrigation system

A good hose is very useful when watering your garden, but it requires you to be in the sun for a long time, which can be very tiring. Sprinkler systems may be more expensive but they do most of the work for you.

  1. Opt for the bushes

It is possible to have a garden of pruned shrubs that give an elegant effect. Besides being pretty, these shrubs do not require high maintenance or frequent pruning. Since they are perennial plants, they last a long time.

  1. Design a path surrounded by vegetation

One way to have a beautiful garden without so much work is to take advantage of the side areas of a path or hallway to plant flowering shrubs and plants. Watering and pruning are easier when the garden can be traversed comfortably.

  1. Gravel and relaxation area

Gravel is also very attractive for designing a low maintenance garden. In this garden, it is so pulverized that it becomes confused with sand, which gives it a very interesting effect. With very few plants, but enough to add color to the environment, this garden also has an outdoor dining area. 

  1. Creepers

Vines, or climbing plants, are a good alternative for a low-maintenance garden. They grow very easily and basically do not need any special care. These plants form a curtain that gives a lot of charm and privacy to the garden. 

  1. Desert plants

Desert plants are ideal for those who do not have even the minimum time to dedicate to gardening. These plants have a lot of personalities and they look spectacular in any corner of the house where you want to have a garden. 

  1. Bougainvillea

Bougainvillea is a vine of the shrub family, which grows on any terrain. They reach a height between 1 to 12 meters. It doesn’t need a lot of watering or constant fertilization, making it another ideal species for a low-maintenance garden

  1. Ferns

Ferns are perennial plants that do not need much care. It is a very decorative plant both for the interior and exterior of the house as they have a great capacity for adaptation. 

  1. Fruit trees

Trees are characteristic of gardens and do not require constant care. A fruit tree for a garden without complications is a wise decision, as it will also permeate the environment with delicate aromas. 

  1. A vertical garden

Unlike vines, vertical gardens have an irrigation system, which at first may seem very complex, but it is not. This type of garden is perfect when you have little space. 

  1. Planters

Planters are one of the easiest ways to have an orderly and uncomplicated garden. They can be placed on the floor or walls and planted in them a wide variety of plants that enrich the design of your garden. 

  1. A tree with a small natural carpet

A small natural grass rug will not take much time or effort and it can be very beautiful if you put a stone frame on it as we see in this example. In the center of this small garden, a tree rises that becomes the center of attention. Simple and easy to maintain.

  1. An oriental garden

The oriental-style gardens convey a lot of peace and tranquility because they are very balanced in general. With these gardens, you will have stone, water, and a few plants to take care of, but the effect is truly spectacular.

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