Looking for a cheap offer, you just found a promo code on a professional site. The only problem is that you are not familiar with the use. Don’t worry, this guide will give you the best tips on how to use it well. Today, a large number of codes can be found in order to save your online shopping expenses. Fashion, beauty, high-tech, decoration, all e-commerce sites regularly offer promotional codes so that you can benefit from discounts on all types of products. So, it’s high time to learn how to do it!

1. Check the validity of the code

Coupon codes can have multiple areas of application. At a certain point, whatever product you choose, they are valid for your entire basket. At other times, they concern only specific sectors or even one type of product. Therefore, you need to check whether the product for which you want to get a discount matches the promo code.

You should also check the expiration date of the code. At times, promotional codes will still be displayed on the merchant’s website when they are no longer available. Usually you will find this information in a promotional code. Be careful, this is often written very small at the bottom of the page! Promotional codes are sometimes not limited by the validity period, even if they are ultimately rare.

Finally, certain conditions apply to brewdog discount code, such as the minimum purchase amount, the purchase of a particular number of products in a given department or specific products. If you do not comply with all the conditions, the promotional code is not valid. There are also personal discount codes that can only be used by one person. Find out more information at promosearcher.com .

2. Take note of the code

The display of promotional codes can sometimes be short-lived. To work around many hiccups, please make sure to immediately copy and paste the code into the text document on your machine to avoid losing it. You can also manually save it to a sticky note and paste it on the screen. This way you will never forget it.

In any case, you shouldn’t just copy it. You just need to copy another text while shopping so that your promotional code no longer appears in the browser’s clipboard. If you received the promo code via email, the easiest way is to file it in your inbox, for example, file it as a promo category or label.

3. Pay attention to the promo code in your shopping cart

You have just made a purchase and you are in the settlement phase. Now is the time to use your promotional code! The use of promotional codes is generally done during the confirmation of the basket, before making the payment and choosing the shipping method. Usually you will find a field to fill in the promotional code next to the cart total. Be careful when copying it. Spaces before and after code make the code invalid.


Coupon codes allow you to take advantage of a discount or other promotion when you shop at our online store. We have different types of activation, discount percentages per item, or bundles when you receive a discount on a second item. For each promotion, different conditions apply and are explained when ordering.

Do not forget :

– The promo code is only valid for a limited time.

– The promo code may not apply to all products. Exclusive items are excluded from promotions. This will be stated on the product page.

– The promo code cannot be applied after placing an order. If so, you must cancel the order within 15 minutes and use the recommend button from your account to re-checkout.

– The promo code cannot be combined with other promotions, offers or discounts. If more than one promotion or discount applies to your order, we will use the one with the highest discount.

– Shipping charges apply when the promo code causes the total amount to fall below the threshold for free shipping.

– Cannot be applied in the CONFIRMED app

You will find the General Conditions relating to promotional codes at the bottom of the e-mail where you will receive your promo code, or on the promo code.

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