Comedians have been entertaining the masses since the entertainment industry was born, from the minstrel shows of the 1800s to the sold-out stadium tours we see today.

The longevity of the profession is never held in question – who doesn’t like to laugh? Sitting down to watch a good stand-up act does so much more than put a smile on your face.

You should be introducing more comedy into your life, reaping all the benefits of a good giggle.

Because science says so.

People often note that laughter is the best medicine, and that can be backed by scientific reasoning.

It’s obvious laughter boosts your mood, but with that comes a tougher immune system, better breathing, and a stronger heart.

Laughing decreases stress hormones, leading to an increase in immune cells and antibodies that fight infection. This can help fend off disease.

The release of endorphins that comes with laughing not only makes you happier, it can also temporarily relieve pain.

When you laugh your blood flow increases and your blood vessels work more effectively, making for a less taxed cardiovascular system.

Looking to burn calories? Studies show that laughing for 15 minutes a day can burn up to 40 calories.

In summary, laughing makes you healthy and can lead to a longer life. People with a good sense of humor can live 8 years longer than those who don’t find joy in laughter.

It helps you see the world from other perspectives.

Comedians come in all shapes and sizes. They offer their unique viewpoint on situations that many people the world over experience.

You may see a traffic jam or grocery shopping with your spouse one way, but a comedian can spin that into a whole new light with their personal take.

Seeing different comedy acts broadens your outlook on the world and invites you to glimpse the lives of others. It also helps you deal with personal situations that arise, giving you a new way of looking at them.

Comedians are also highly specialized, so if you’re looking for chuckles about a particular thing, odds are you can find someone who will deliver.

Some specialize in comedic areas for work events or birthday parties, while others favor raunchier shows or shows that revolve around a specific topic.

You can find comedians who fit your needs, such as the unique voiceover skills of Tony Baker or Kristin Key’s musical comedy.

It provides an escape.

Society has been put through the ringer, most notably in recent years thanks to the constant news cycle that flashes consistently bad news at us from our phones, TVs, and computers. Sometimes, enough is enough.

Taking the time to see a comedian or even listen to a funny podcast can provide temporary relief from reality and add much-needed levity to an otherwise dark day.

You are less likely to doom scroll through your phone when sitting at a comedy show or watching a stand-up special, as comedy calls for a specific sense of concentration in order to fully appreciate it.

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