Which One Is Better? 32 bit or 64 bit Operating System?

Operating System

Operating System

As we use an operating system in our computers, most of us know about the windows operating system. There are various operating systems like Macintosh, Linux, and Windows for different computer systems. The one we use depends on the hardware and requirements of your computer, whether it is a desktop, laptop, or tablet PC.

Not all but most people who use a Microsoft-Windows operating system won’t know the difference between a 32-bit and 64-bit operating system. As many laptops and desktops come with a pre-installed operating system, people don’t bother to check the specifications and start using the computer. Let us explore some key differences between both the operating systems and decide which one is better for your computer.

Difference between a 32-bit and 64-bit Hardware

32-bit hardware consists of a 32-bit processor and register that is capable of storing 232 values. A 64-bit hardware system consists of a 64-bit processor and a register that can hold 264 values. 32-bit hardware can address up to 4 GB RAM while a 64-bit system can address more than 4 GB of RAM. It clearly indicates that a 64-bit system can address higher RAM and handle more applications simultaneously than a 32-bit hardware system.

You can install a 32-bit operating system on 64-bit system hardware, but the vice versa is not true. Even if you try to install a 64-bit operating system on hardware with a 32-bit processor, it will not work. Therefore, it is essential to check the specifications of your computer hardware before installing any operating system.

Multitasking capability

Although a 32-bit operating system can handle some amount of multitasking, a 64-bit is more capable and efficient when it comes to multitasking. Running multiple software on a 32-bit processor can slow down the system, and some programs may fail to respond. With 64-bit hardware and operating system, a user can easily switch between different applications without any difficulty. Users who love gaming should always prefer a 64-bit operating system as games demand high performance and applications requiring high memory.

Computations per second

A big difference between the two operating systems is the number of computations they can process in a second. The calculations per second have a great impact on the speed at which they perform the same. A 64-bit processor can be used for dual, quad, six or eight-core versions of computing. Multiple cores allow thousands of calculations per second that the processor can handle. A 64-bit processor can handle and store more computational values than a 32-bit processor.

Some software programs require numbers or calculations to run smoothly and operate at high speeds for users. For such software, the 64-bit processes and operating systems are much suitable as compared to their 32-bit counterparts.

Software requirements

The software maker companies create different variants of a program for 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems. As a rule, it is possible to install 32-bit software on a hardware system with a 64-bit processor, but the same does not work vice versa. It is not possible because the 32-bit processor cannot recognize the instructions given by a 64-bit software program. There are utilities and antivirus software that is specially written for 32-bit systems. It is essential to download and install only the 32-bit software on a 32-bit operating system. If you try to install 64-bit software on the same, it will give an error, and the program will not be installed.

The operating system requires device driver software to recognize the hardware components in your computer. These device drivers should be the same as required by the operating system. For example, if you are using 32-bit Windows, you need 32-bit device drivers, and the same rule applies to the 64-bit operating system.

Heavy applications and software

You now realize 64-bit operating systems are designed to accommodate more RAM than the 32-bit operating systems. Heavy applications such as image editing software, AutoCAD, and games could boost performance considerably after your computer is filled with 16 exabytes of RAM, at least theoretically. The amount of physical memory a device can reach also depends on whether or not the motherboard supports it.

Some advantages of 64-bit over a 32-bit operating system

With the use of 64-bit, one can do a lot in multi-tasking, the user can easily switch between different applications without any problems hanging from windows. Gamers can easily play high-end graphic games such as Modern Warfare, GTA V, or use high-end software such as Photoshop or CAD that requires a lot of memory as it makes multi-tasking simple and effective for users with large devices. However, it would be more convenient to update the video card instead of having a 64-bit processor.

Which one should we use? 

Ideally, a 64-bit program is preferable to 32-bit. It can process more bits of data, enabling quicker calculations. Moreover, most of the software available today in the market run on 64-bit operating systems. Therefore, it makes no sense to buy or use a 32-bit operating system. People who are planning to buy a new computer should always prefer buying a 64-bit device as it enables you to run most of the applications available.

In addition to a variety of software applications, you will also be able to enjoy high processing speed, quick results, and navigation while using applications like media players and games.

Final Words

Now, as you know a lot about 32-bit as well as 64-bit processors and operating systems, you can choose between the two. 32-bit hardware and operating system are suitable only for basic applications like teaching in schools or running lighter applications. You can use a 32-bit system where there are low requirements for multitasking.

According to the present requirements and expectations of people, one should prefer buying 64-bit computers and operating systems as it offers faster processing of tasks. Moreover, when it comes to upgrading the hardware, you can easily upgrade 64-bit hardware as well as software as their updates are easily available.

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