How Big Game USA Used 3D Configuration to sell more products 2022

3D Configuration

3D Configuration is normal and highly encouraged for any company to never settle for a specific level of quality and to continually aim for ultimate perfection. This motto seems to be working fairly well in the eCommerce business. Because of the extensive use of 3D modeling in eCommerce, the online buying experience is on its way to further transforming one’s purchasing experience.

What is 3D Configuration?

The 3D configuration enables consumers to change the look and behavior of a product at any time. All it takes is a few easy touches to get the product to perform properly. This enables buyers to study the goods from all angles and perspectives, evaluate every part of it without leaving their sofa, and ultimately choose the product with a design that precisely resonates with their taste, style, and preference. While online buyers enjoy a more customized experience, companies benefit from increased sales, producing a win-win scenario for all parties.

What are the advantages of 3D Configuration in the eCommerce industry?

Promotes cost-cutting measures

3D configurators for eCommerce allow for real-time consumer input, which helps to expedite the sales cycle. Furthermore, you don’t need a slew of photographs taken in expensive studios. A photorealistic 3D representation of the product would suffice. A 360° virtual duplicate of a product is significantly simpler and less expensive to create than a professional photographer.

Offers a one-of-a-kind shopping experience

The main disadvantage of purchasing on an eCommerce site is that you don’t get to try out the goods. No more, since the comprehensive deployment of 3D technology negates the point of visiting the grocery. Increasing the utility of this technology by further improving 3D setups with VR and AR in eCommerce. This provides you with a plethora of new chances for customized purchasing without requiring you to leave the comfort of your sofa. It’s no surprise that corporate titans are embracing this technology at a greater pace than ever before.

Increases engagement

With an ever-increasing number of items being introduced each year, buyers no longer want to settle for ordinary. Instead, they desire customization. The hunt is done, thanks to 3D configuration technology. 

Some of the most basic kinds of personalization, such as engraving, are available in the 3D arrangement.

While engraving is not difficult to accomplish, it has a significant influence on a product’s purchasing attractiveness. Customers may examine the object in 3D with the engravings of their choosing, in the font-weight and size of their choice. Enabling engravings and other modifications encourages customers to spend more time on the eCommerce site. This increases engagement and improves conversion rates dramatically.

How Big Game USA used Expivi’s 3d configurator software to boost sales

Big Game USA used Expivi’s 3d product configurator software to boost sales. How? One of the key goals of deploying a 3d configurator is to increase sales. Interactive 3D product models offer higher purchasing attraction and tend to create a deeper impact on the buyer. These models significantly contribute to improving the standard for online buying experiences, simplifying decision-making, and dramatically boosting conversion rates. Overall, 3D setups may have a major influence on any eCommerce company’s yearly P&L statements.

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