Bakeries are popping up in every nook and corner these days, thanks to COVID-19. Home-baked goods business has grown in popularity recently when the people have become more conscious about their health and keeping COVID at bay. Everyone knows how many people had converted their hobby of baking and cooking into their source of earning, especially when many people were left unemployed due to lockdown.


If you are one of them but are facing issues in mailing your goods to your lovely customers or dealing with business marketing issues, you have landed on the right page. From helping your business get recognized to choosing the right packaging products and getting your delicious goods delivered, we have brought some tricks and tips to help you. Have a look!


1) Promote your Business Online-

For any business to work well, it needs recognition in the market, and the best way to do that is by promoting it on social media. You can create your business page on Instagram and Facebook and let your friend circle hype it.


Keep your followers engaged by posting the pictures, recipes, videos of your bakery products. Besides, keep posting about the offers and discounts on particular days. If you are interested in providing cooking lessons occasionally, then do it since it will drive more engagement and bring more traffic to your page. Last but not least, do giveaways and let people know how perfectly you bake!


2) Tie-up with a Delivery App-

To enhance your network of customers, you must list your business on online food delivery apps. It will increase your sales. Besides, tieing up with a food delivery app reduces your delivery workload and allows you to remain focused in your baking zone. Secondly, besides bringing in new customers, it will enable easy listing of your products, thus driving more sales.


3) Use Best Packaging Products for Delivery-

You must always pack your goods in airtight containers. Remember, every food item must be packed in a different packaging product. You very well know that baked products are delicate, especially the pastries and cakes, so they must be cushioned from the bottom, and each piece must be tucked within a wrapping paper before putting in a packaging box.


You must tie-up with a food packaging product company to keep your packaging supply full for various dishes. High-quality packaging products prevent leakages while shipping and keep the food in its best form until it reaches the customer’s end.


4) Know When to Bake and Ship-

Baked goods can go stale in no time, so you must only bake on the day you are ready to deliver the product. It will help reach fresh products to your customers and enhance your reputation in the market, thus bringing more customers. When shipping your baked goods, don’t forget to label each box as “perishable” so that the food delivery company can place a sticker on it and keep that product in their priority list of delivering it first.


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