Convert YouTube to MP3“, “Download YouTube Videos“. The amount of searches for downloading YouTube videos is increasing. Contrast that with how many sites are still working today due to copyright regulations. Most of them have constraints that affect the video’s ultimate quality or duration. We’ve gathered the best sites to download YouTube videos for Windows, Mac and Linux in 2022.


One of the most comprehensive YouTube download sites. Unlike other platforms, it has no time restriction. It also lacks excessive advertising.

It works by pasting the original video’s URL into the search box. The portal will then enable us to download the movie in MP4 format at 720 frames per second. We may also download alternative formats for more restricted use. We will receive pop-up ads if we click any of the links. Close the download window and reopen it. If we choose a higher quality video (1080p, 2K…), the page will remove the audio to reduce the file size.

CONVERTIMP3 the popular download tool works with practically any video hosting site, including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Not to mention the fact that we may download movies in 1080p, 2K, and even 4K resolution. We may also download in other formats (MP4, WebM, MP3 and a long etcetera).

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To download a video, just add the video URL to the search box and choose the appropriate download format. Sadly, the website includes several pop-up advertising that we must ignore. So we’ll have to hit the download button numerous times to get the actual file. Sadly, the download speed is slow. To download a linked file, we must right click on the Download button and choose Download linked file from the context menu, as seen in the picture above.


The simplest and most limited website to download YouTube videos. It works similarly to y2mate, or mp3 juices. Unlike the previous two, we can only download movies in one format and two quality levels: MP4 at 720p and 360p. To download videos in various formats and quality, we need to pay for or use a browser plugin (Safari, Chrome and Firefox). Another method is to append the letters “ss” after the original video URL, giving us something like:

  • Download link: 48Jksl234L
  • This will take us to the premium version. If we choose the free version, we must be cautious while hitting the Download button.

Like CONVERTIMP3 , we will need to click on the download button numerous times to start the video clip. The remainder of the time we’ll receive pop-up ads and questionable apps that advises against installing.


Finally, the final option. The simplest place to download videos, together with Savefrom. Just add the reference link and choose the download type (MP3, MP4, MP4 HD, FLV, or M4A).

The site will then begin processing the file to prepare the download. We will have to clear a few pop-up windows before we can download the main file. The good news is that the download speed is in line with the rest of the sites. Unlike earlier ideas, there is no obvious time restriction. We don’t know the web’s maximum quality since it’s not stated. We may expect to see videos at 720p.

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