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5 Best Indian Travel Shows for the Ultimate Travel Goal

Indian Travel Shows

Indian Travel Shows

Indian Travel Shows A lot of work goes behind planning and processing the perfect holiday, and yet something or the other goes wrong. Right? Don’t tell us that all your holidays were perfect and any mishaps didn’t happen. Well, if it didn’t, then you must be having some kind of superpower of doing things perfectly. 

But if you’re someone who gets confused as to where to start from and how to plan out the perfect holiday, then you’re at the right place. The article will talk about five travel shows that you need to watch right now and discover all the things and places you can visit there. So, without wasting any further time, let’s get on with it. 

Top 5 Indian Travel Shows to Watch

From the snowy terrain of the Himalayas to the alluring backwaters of Kerala, India is a country full of vibrant culture, unique traditions, and spiritual heritage. Here are the top shows which deliver the exact and showcase the Indian values and ethos at its best. 

In recent times, travelers prefer going on solo backpacking trips and submit themselves to destinations and new adventures that are yet to come rather than following a planned itinerary of places to visit. 

The show ‘Backpack India’ caters to those travelers and provides them the perfect knowledge of what to expect, dos, and don’ts and the things to do in a particular place.

 There is a total of five episodes to which takes you through the rocky and snowy terrains of high mountain passes, the fifth-largest deserts of Asia – Thar in Rajasthan, the incredible white desert in Rann of Kutch in Gujarat, the mythological ruins of Hampi, to the verdant hillocks of Alleppey.  

So, if you are planning on taking a backpacking trip to India, this show is the best. You can watch it on Travelxp TV or the Travelxp app. 

A trip to India is incomplete without visiting ‘Dev Bhoomi’ (the land of gods). The north Indian state of Uttarakhand is known for the majestic Himalayas, sacred rivers, spiritual institutions, and enthralling landscapes. 

Watch the show to discover all the hidden gems and amazing places to visit. Such as the yoga capital of the world – Rishikesh, and the winter wonderland in Auli. 

Are you a history buff? If yes, then the royal state of Rajasthan is an ideal place to start your trip in India. The show “World Heritage” takes you through the beautiful and fascinating forts of the city where lies the tales and folklore of ancient India. 

Before actually visiting the destinations, explore the labyrinths of forts and the palace virtually and get to know about the unsolved and mysterious stories associated with them. 

Furthermore, you’ll also get to know about the best places to visit in Rajasthan other than forts and top restaurants and cafes offering authentic Rajasthani flavors. 

When it comes down to the top beaches to visit in the world, India often goes unnoticed. But, have you ever wondered that the country might have few of the most uncrowded and pristine beaches? 

Apart from Andamans, the Lakshadweep islands boat some of the most pristine white sand beaches that will be awestruck you to the very core. The turquoise blue water, palm trees, exclusive sea flora, and fauna are astounding. 

So, are you ready to spend a laid-back vacation surrounded by the sea? If yes, then “off the grid” is the perfect show to watch right now. Get to know about some of the unique experiences you might have in Lakshadweep’s hidden islands. 

Indulging in the local cuisines is a must-do thing while exploring a new destination. Through this show, the traveler can get an idea about all the popular food joints that serve authentic local dishes and street food. 

The show covers almost all the popular cities that are most visited by foreign travelers other than local tourists. The host, Rohan Patoley, talks you through the process of making a dish, the flavors, and lastly, the cost per serve. So, when you visit India, you’ll know what exact dish to try. 

These were the top five shows to watch before you start planning your trip to India. We are hoping that this article helped you in getting a clear picture of India and its destinations. You can also book a packaged tour via if you don’t want to go through the tedious process of planning a vacation. 


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