5 Must-have Summer Accessories

Summer Accessories

Summer Accessories

Even with the end of summer nearly here in most countries, it’s never a bad idea to grab those last-minute summer accessories that will make your time at the beach all the more fun. Whether your plan is to take advantage of those end-of-summer sales or you live in a place that’s just heating up, here are five of the top summer accessories you’ll want this year and for summers of the future.

1. Sunshine-inspired Jewelry

Sunshine-inspired Jewelry

Summer is a time of year that most people enjoy. One great way to celebrate sunny days and adventures ahead or even behind is with a Kendra Scott Summer Necklace. Kendra Scott is a jewelry company based in Austin that uses natural materials, including genuine stone and shell to create quality, affordable luxury products.

Something as simple as a seashell necklace could be enough to get you in the mood for walks on the beach, fireworks, campfires with friends and family, or reading at a park. If you’re not sure where to start when it comes to adding a touch of sun to your wardrobe, consider a colorful Kendra Scott necklace.

2. Boho Wraps and Suits

Boho Wraps and Suits

For many people, summer is all about being in nature. For this reason, boho suits and swimming gear are a great way to go when building a summer wardrobe. Whether your preference is for a boho bathing suit or casual summer wrap, this trendy style will turn heads at the beach while giving a wink to Mother Nature. For a summer pick-me-up, try a Google search for boho summer bathing suits and cover-ups!

3. Sunglasses


No summer is ever quite right without a great pair of sunglasses. Not only can the right pair protect your eyes from harmful UV rays, but you’ll look ready for anything on the hottest summer days with the right pair of shades. When buying this year’s summer shades, consider trying something different. Whether you opt for a bright color or try a different shape, being a little experimental will bring fun to this year’s summer accessories.

4. Etsy Finds

Etsy Finds

A fantastic way to find unique summer accessories is through Etsy. With endless unique products like beach totes, organic skin products, and handmade book covers and jewelry, Etsy is the place to go for one-of-a-kind creations that will keep you in the mood for summer all year long.

5. Beach Gear

Beach Gear

Nothing sets the summer mood like a trip to the beach. Having the best beach gear for your vacation or day trip will make a difference. When looking for this year’s summer items for the beach or summer camp, you’ll want to consider beach gear that keeps the sand out of your hair and protects you from the sun. Beach umbrellas and custom towels and blankets can make a great statement. Not only will your days at the beach be more fun, but with the right gear like inflatables, solar chargers, and the right beach wagon packed in your trunk, you’ll be ready to go at a moment’s notice.

When shopping for beach gear this year, don’t be afraid to pull out last year’s favorites and see what you can do to spruce it up. Replacing the handle on an umbrella or changing out a lining on your favorite picnic basket can be enough to make your older items pop under the sun.

By the time summer’s done and summer camps are long closed up, you’ll be glad you took some time to invest in summer jewelry trends, the best in sunglasses, that shell necklace, or the extender you can wear all year long. Happy shopping to you! Be sure to take pictures of a summer that you’ll want to look back on.

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