Pets are important to us. We love to take care of our furry babies. It is, however, unnecessarily hard to find apartments that allow pets. The argument behind not allowing pets is that they cause noise disruptions and the fear of being bitten. These fears are unfounded because spayed and neutered pets are very well behaved. There has been a shift recently as more landlords are allowing pets. Some reasons why pet-friendly apartments are coming up are;

1. Mental health

Life stresses are inevitable as you go about your day. Therefore, you must find a way to release tension and take care of your mental health. Pets are a great source of peace and comfort for their owners. Petting a dog or cat has been proved to enable the release of endorphins in humans, thus reducing stress. Therefore allowances need to be made to accommodate pets. The push for more pet-friendly living spaces has prompted an increase in the apartments that allow pets. There is an exemption on the no-pets allowed rule; emotional support animals have allowed entry no matter the rules of the building.

2. Exercise

When you are a pet parent, you need to take your pet out for a walk every so often. Whether in the morning or evening, this walk ensures that you get your exercise every day. Apartments can be either pet-friendly or pet-allowed. Pet allowed means that your pet is permitted, but there are some limitations and restrictions. Pet-friendly means that there are no restrictions, and in some apartments, there are extra amenities for your pet. Pet-friendly communities such as The Grove Cheney provide a good atmosphere for your pet and even a dog park. In these apartments, you have a place where you can walk your pet no matter the time of day or night.

3. Companionship

For most of us, we crave companionship. However, our busy work lives may hinder us from making the connections we desire. You could find a companion because you don’t want to be lonely when alone. Some of us have the dread of going home to an empty house. Both these situations can be solved by getting a pet. Pets are the fuzzy and warm greeting you receive when you get to your home after a long day at work. Pets are not just animals we keep; they are a part of our families. Estate developers have changed their view on pets and are making more provisions to accommodate pets. This move has seen a rise in pet-friendly communities, and landlords are now more open to renting to pet owners.

4. Many Pet Owners

A good number of people today own a pet. The most popular pets are different breeds of cats and dogs. The rise in pet owners makes it unreasonable to have apartments that do not allow pets. Pet owners are willing to go the extra mile to prove to renters that having a pet within the building is completely safe. As pet parents, you should make sure that your pet is well behaved, be up to date with all the shots needed, and have an open mind about concerns raised about your pet. The pet industry is vast, from pet groomers to pet insurance and more people favor getting a dog or cat as opposed to a fish or hamster. All these factors combined have aided in pushing for pet-allowed and pet-friendly housing.

5. Pet Rent and Agreements

The main issue landlords have with pets is the destruction of property and loss of income from other tenants moving out due to pet-related noise. Renters can now charge more rent to pet owners. The extra charge referred to as pet rent is supposed to cover any damages to the property caused by the pets. A pet owner’s lease will have a pet clause that requires a pet deposit to be paid on top of the regular deposit. In some cases, a pet agreement is required that ensures that your pet is not a danger to anyone. Putting dogs on leash when out is one way to be a responsible pet parent.

It is relatively easy to get a pet-friendly apartment with a bit of understanding and accommodation from landlords. You have to keep your end of the bargain by ensuring that all required to maintain your pet is done. This harmony will make it easier for pet owners to find accommodation and convince renters and developers to make more room to accept pets.

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