Are you planning to move? You might get excited about thinking of shifting to a new place but know this, moving your home is one of the most stressful things you will ever encounter. Not only do you need to seal the deal on your new home, you need to plan properly and organize the logistics of your move. There are a lot of things to do, considering canceling utilities and setting up new ones to move furniture and lots of other important tasks. Hiring a team of professional movers can provide you valuable help to reduce some of your stress, but only if you get the right ones for you. But it might be a challenging task if you haven’t done it before.

However, you should know that there are hundreds of moving companies giving their services, so you should find the best one like moving services Phoenix AZ to avoid any kind of risk. Let’s have a peek here to explore the 5 tips for choosing the best moving companies for you.

  1. Make Sure They Take a Moving Inventory

Moving companies worth their salt will take full stock of your items and work out the rough bulk weight. This will either be a virtual or in-person survey. Your estimator will check all your storage areas including bookcases, garages, and drawers. The weight of your stuff is what movers use the most to base their price on. They’ll also have to consider how much space your items consume in the vehicle, and how many vehicles they’ll need in this whole process. You need to make sure your estimate is as perfect as possible and the mover breaks it down for you.  

  1. Check If They Do a Thorough Walk-Through

If the moving company does a quick walk-through, they’re not giving their 100% attention  to your items which they should. A good mover’s dign is they will take stock, as above, and also they will ask for information about your move. They will ask what you are intending to take, and how your new house layout will work. Are you willing to pack up in a way that allows the movers to put boxes in the right rooms at the other end, these are things they might ask. They’ll also want to know about the items if you are going to throw it out, donating or leaving it behind.

  1. Think Before Paying up A Huge Deposit

There are some less trustworthy and cheap companies out there who might ask you to pay a huge amount of deposit. Any reputable moving company won’t ask for advance cash or a big amount of deposit before the task. You must hand over the cash when your items are moved to the new house, not before that. You can’t control or even see your items again if you pay up in advance. It’d be smart to use a credit card to pay up. This will provide an extra layer of protection if there’s any fraud involved.  

  1. Go Through References and Reviews

You can check for reviews online if you didn’t get any recommendations from friends and family. You can ask the movers to provide references form their previous customers. You need them to refer you to local references who moved in the last 3 months for precise information. Call them and ask for details on their experiences and complaints. Why would they recommend using them? Were they satisfied with the task completed by the movers? These are the questions you need to ask. 

  1. Don’t Blindly Sign a Blank Contract

Avoid signing a blank contract, get everything in writing all the important terms and preserve the document. It should list their estimate, extra fees they charge and deliver dates. Go through carefully and make sure these are the terms you agree on. Also check the inventory and find out if it matches with your own. If an item isn’t listed on the inventory before the driver leaves, you can’t expect the thing to be in there when he arrives. You can’t claim anything that is not in the list.

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