Through this post, I will guide you on how you can rank your website in the Google SERP in 2022. You just need to follow exactly as I am going to say. 

In fact, this is the same process I have followed on my website. 

This is a common issue when you run a website on digital marketing. When the problem arises, remember all the time that there are so many solutions to solve the problem.

This is a strategy that you should follow to rank like a business strategy. In this way, I would like to say that business strategy has to be changed as per the business environment.

As the same, B2B marketing strategy or media marketing strategy is not constant. First, you need to realize the customer’s demand and your marketing environment. 

As a social media expert in social media marketing, here I am going to share five tips that you should follow to rank your site. 

# 1: Develop your on-Site SEO

Here’s the way:

This is one of the rapid ways to develop your site in the Google ranks. 

Just because you can optimize your page for around 2 minutes. This is the fastest way to optimize your web page and you can easily get to know what is the ranking boost of your page within days. 

Now, you may ask: How can I optimize my site around my target keywords? 

Let’s know the answers!

– First, You have to make sure that you put your keyword at the beginning of your title tag.

For instance: 

There is a term “Frontloading” to call it properly. Now one more question may come to mind.

What is the importance of this? 

Let you know that Google has given the first priority to terms that show up in the title tag not in the later on. For instance: in this article, my target keyword is “rank your site”. As you can see in the title tag, I have used this keyword. 

– Second, make your content more than 1800 words. 

Our observation of Google’s key ranking factors published that the average first page contains 1447 words.  


I can tell you from my own experience that long content does get the best results on the Search Engine Result Page.

On this note, I can say that keywords are an important factor in ranking your website in the SERPs. 

It has been seen that in the previous time, their long content did not make sense for the market, but as I previously said, that business perspective has always changed in order to time. 

– Finally, please keep in mind that you should use keywords more than 2-3 times in the article. 

Your frequency of using keywords can optimize your content by Google SEO.

It is so simple!

Just follow this and make your site top in Google SERPs.

#2: Add LSI Keywords 

This is the additional factor with keywords because it is the booster that can increase your page in the first list of the SERPs.

LSI keywords are working SUPER.  

So, what are LSI keywords?

In one line, I can give an answer to this question, the words or phrases which are related to the topic of your content. 

For instance: suppose your topic is coffee therefore, your LSI keywords should be ‘water’, ‘glass’, ‘drinks and ‘filter’, etc.

I think you are getting me!

LSI keywords can confirm to Google the topic of your content. It helps Google optimize your website properly.  It is very important to rank your site. 

In addition, I can share one more interesting tip if you can cover an entire topic on one singular page that can help you to rank in the SERPs. This is the key point for ranking on the first page of google.  

Now you are thinking about how I can find and use LSI keywords on your Site? 

For this question, I can recommend that you use a free SEO tool called LSI graph. You can access this tool by following some steps and finding appropriate words as LSI keywords. 

Do you know all of these processes are very important for social media marketing?  Basically, social media marketing world also followed this process to rank the site at the top of the page.  

Let’s go for step three!  

#3: Track your technical SEO

You should track your technical problems because that affects your site’s SEO. so, it is important to keep concerned on this matter. 

Your whole work depends on SEO.

If you face any technical issue regarding this, you should take steps and solve your problem as soon as possible. 

From my experience, I am trying to categorize some significant tips that can help you to protect your site from technical issues of SEO and you can rank your site with help of this. 

Please give attention to this matter!

– First, you can double-check that your site is 100% optimized for mobile devices. 

It is the 21st century, so probably it is not an issue for you. But always do cross-check, fortunately, if your site is mobile optimization that is absolutely trouble-free. 

– You can use a mobile-friendly testing tool that can present that using a URL is mobile-friendly. If you see green your URL link, that means it is ready to present on the mobile. If it is not, you need to fix it ASAP

#4: Match your content with search Intent

This is a very simple factor but interesting as well as important. If people get whatever they want from your site. Your site can easily get to the top of the SERPs. 

If not, Google will drop your site after a few posts. It is very easy to understand because if the users do not get whatever they want, your site cannot get viewers and users will not open your site as well. 

Unfortunately, Your site automatically goes down!


I hope you get your answers from my guide to getting a high-rank position at Google.

Now, I’m looking forward to hearing from your side.

Which step are you going to take as a first step?

Let me know in this comment section!

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