You might think that you are properly caring for your luxury watches by not using them keeping them safe and untouched, but that is when you are wrong. Turns out, you should use your luxury watches! See? Sometimes, we may think that we are properly caring for our luxury watches, but we are doing it the other way around. We completely understand luxury watches are expensive and valuable. We will do everything that we think is right when taking care of it. A single scratch or dent might make us go insane! This is why if you want to properly take care of your watch, you have to be well-informed and smart. The good thing is that we are here to inform you! Here are the proper ways on how you can take care of your luxury watch!

1. Store in cool, dry places

Of course, you probably would not wear your luxury watch in every waking moment of your life. The key to taking care of your watch properly is also by storing it properly. Store your watch in a cool, dry place whenever you are not using it—simple as that. The best storage for your luxury watch is to simply place it in its original box. Be careful not to use your luxury watch’s box for any other thing, although we trust that this is highly unlikely. Put the original watch to its best use by becoming its storage for your watch. Most luxury watch brands have elegant boxes like Rolex, Omega, Seiko, Rado, Breitling, and more!

2. Do regular cleaning

Surely, all of us might already clean our luxury watches regularly. However, it is another thing to properly clean it. Sometimes, it takes more than polishing. You also need to be careful because you might be using solutions that are not the best for your luxury watch. Of course, luxury watches are top-notch that they are supposed to withstand any element. Just a simple cleaning that will remove dirt, grime, and more will do.

You can gently wipe your luxury watch with a piece of soft cloth soaked in soapy water. The proper cleaning will maintain the luster of your luxury watch. Here are more particular ways for cleaning your luxury watch depending on its material:

Steel watches

Use a gentle microfiber cloth when cleaning your watch. Detailing brushes or toothbrushes with soft bristles will also be good for dusting off the dust from your watch. If you think you might scratch your watch by cleaning it, do not risk it.

Carbon or Ceramic-Coated Watches

Before building up any dust or stain, you must wipe it off immediately. If you want to keep your watch cleaner, you should clean it regularly.

Yellow, White, or Rose Gold Watches

If your watch is made of gold or is at least gold-plated, you need to take better care of it. This is because gold is a softer material compared with other luxury watch finishes. Even using a microfiber cloth can give it hairline scratches. No matter how tiny, these scratches can still be evident when you polish your watch.

To clean your gold watch, use a damp cotton ball to clean your watch’s surfaces gently. A cotton bud will also do. As much as possible, avoid using force as this may still scratch it.

3. Keep your watch away from magnets

Watch experts in the industry carefully engineer and assemble the insides of your luxury watch with tiny gears and cogs to make it move and tell time. Since your watch is made of metal and other materials, you must keep it away from the magnet that might affect the placements of the insides of your watch.

4. Avoid too much sunlight

Luxury watches are perfect for your beach getaway. However, make sure to choose the right watch for your beach outfit, because too much sunlight can affect the color of your watch. It can get its colors to fade. More than this, it can also make your battery life short. The good thing is that luxury watches are made with the best materials, but still, we should not risk it too much.

5. Apply a watch protection film

We do not know what could happen, so preparation will be your best bet. To prevent any scratches, no matter how small it could be, it is a good idea to invest in protective films that will make your watch scratch-free.

Make sure your watch is legitimate

Here are some of the tips for taking good care of your luxury watches. Luxury watches are prized that way because they are made with the best materials that allow your watches to last a lifetime. If you want to maintain the quality of your watch, make sure that the piece that you have is a legitimate one and not a fake one. For authentic watches that do not wear out easily in time, check out!

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