It is a well-known concept that the design and uniqueness of your packaging have a massive impact on your brand’s sales. Even the packaging experts and surveys agree to that. It is said so because a well-designed and well-defined packaging can attract customers and potential customers’ eyes by adding value and worth to the product, resulting in more sales.

These days, there are many different types of customized packaging boxes available in the market. But holographic boxes are now on top and are considered revolutionary or game-changing in the packaging industry. They are customer favorite because of their unique looks, catchy visual effects, and brand favorite because of their distinct product safety features.

On top of that, their eye-catching designs and graphics excite customers and make them want to buy your product, which in return promotes your brand sales, as customers prefer holographic boxes more than other conventional packaging boxes.

What should you know about Holographic Packaging Boxes?

Holographic packaging boxes are made from polyester or oriented polypropylene, otherwise known as holographic materials in the packaging industry. To make these boxes, a unique pattern of multiple images is combined through a micro embossing technique, which results in converting normal light into unique colors. And these colors are what make an ever-lasting impact on the customers.

There are many giants or world-famous companies and brands using holographic packaging to back up the appearance and sales of their products. This adds high quality and value to your packaging and ensures that your packaging becomes visually appealing and attractive.

In a recent survey, distinct holographic images and visual effects were powerful tools to convey a strong message from the brand and gain instant brand recognition in this highly competitive market.

Advantages of Using Holographic Packaging Boxes

Whenever a brand thinks about investing in something new, such as unique packaging or marketing campaigns, it is usually for the sole purpose of boosting up the business, either through increased sales or through increasing brand recognition.

Similarly, holographic packaging is used as it gives a premium look and feels to the products. And this is the reason why more and more brands have started going after this packaging. And it does not matter what kind of products they are dealing in. If you are a retailer, then this is the packaging for you and your brand. This packaging can act as an ambassador for your brand.

Following are some of the benefits of using customized holographic packaging:

It Provides Unique Eye-catching Designs

The most difficult and the biggest challenge that packaging designers these days are facing is to make packaging that can lure in more customers for the brand while also keeping the products safe, as we cannot compromise on the quality of the packaging. To tackle all of these problems, most of the designers now prefer to use holographic packaging as it has the ability to:

  • Attract more customers with their unique, eye-catching graphics.
  • And protect the packaged products till they have reached their destination.

They can Increase the Brand’s Value.

Packaging plays a vital role in maintaining the value of any brand. Similarly, it can also be used to enhance the brand’s look and increase its value. Holographic packaging attracts more customers with its visually appealing designs and adds value to your brand and your products alike.

This is because its distinct colors and unique presentation improve the customer’s user experience, and thus, they prefer your special packaging over any conventional regular packaging.

Holographic Packaging can be used for Product branding and Marketing

These boxes provide a lot of vacant space that you can use for product branding and labeling, which can turn into a perfect marketing opportunity. Most of the famous brands apply this technique to their packaging to save up extra marketing costs and boost their sales at the same time. You can have:

  • Brand’s Logo
  • Products Information
  • Company’s Details

They are printed on the space, which will make it easier for customers to know about necessary details. Therefore, making your packaging more user-friendly, thus more preferable.

You can Use Add-ons to give your Products a Unique Look

Customers tend to get emotionally attached to the most frequently used products, and your packaging can help you strengthen that bond. In addition, there are multiple types of add-ons that you can utilize with your holographic packaging to make them more unique and exciting.

For instance, you can use window patching, which will enable your customers to get a sneak peek of the products inside, thus making them known about the actual product while also making it more exciting.

Another example is to add small customized ribbons that can be used as both decorative pieces and box seals.

You Can Use these Boxes to Avoid Duplication

Since these boxes are made unique according to the brand’s requirements, they can be used as a countermeasure against duplication and product replacement, which can highly affect your brand. Imagine if your customers are not receiving your high-quality products. Instead, they are getting cheap and low-quality substitutes in your packaging. So, they will eventually stop buying your products, and that can prove to be highly detrimental for your brand

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