Cannabis products are unique and beneficial. For many people, it takes a while to develop tolerance to marijuana. And, the effects of different products vary from person to person.

There are many questions surrounding cannabis. For example, how much should I take? How long will it last? And, what’s the best way to consume it?

While researching cannabis is essential, keeping it fresh should be your number one priority.

Here, we cover five ways you can tell if your cannabis has gone bad.

1. Check for Mold

Mold is always a concern with cannabis. It would help if you were careful because marijuana is prone to mold quickly. Since it can mold fast, it’s vital to store it correctly.

Many people store their cannabis in the refrigerator or freezer.

If you’re not careful, storing it in the freezer or fridge will cause your weed to become too moist. And if it gets too wet, it’ll spoil more quickly than expected.

You should also be wary of storing your product in plastic bags. Unfortunately, they create the perfect environment for molding. So, it’s essential you properly seal the product after each use.

These are just two ways to tell whether your pot has gone bad due to mold. Keep these in mind as you store and monitor your cannabis.

2. Lookout for Humidity

As we briefly covered, cannabis may get too moist in the fridge or freezer. If it stays in either for too long, it may go bad quickly.

As you store your marijuana, you may have a problem if it starts looking greasy or oily. If it’s either, this may indicate a moisture problem with the bud.

Expired cannabis products stored in a humid environment have a sour, ammonia-like smell. Ideally, when you store your marijuana, the humidity should be anywhere from 30-50%.

Companies sometimes don’t monitor their marijuana and it goes bad due to humidity. It’s possible you may get a bad batch, so always check for mold. To ensure you get fresh products, buy cannabis from a dispensary or a trusted company.

3. Identify Discoloration

Do you have your own cannabis garden? Then it would help if you kept an eye on your marijuana to make sure it stays fresh.

When the cannabinoids in cannabis begin to degrade, the marijuana turns yellow or brownish-green. A healthy marijuana plant should be green without having brown or yellow.

You don’t want your marijuana plant to go bad. Why? The THC itself breaks down into CBN (a compound known for inducing sleepiness). When it’s CBN, it may alter how your weed affects you and make you feel more tired than usual.

It would be best to watch for buds that appear extremely dry and crumble easily. If either of these happens, this is another sign of degradation.

4. Check for Seeds and Stems

Plant matter such as seeds and stems is yet another sign of poorly grown cannabis. If cannabis has seeds and stems, it’s less potent since most cannabinoids are in the buds.

As you grow marijuana, you must harvest it correctly. And if you buy marijuana, if it arrives with stems, it wasn’t adequately cleaned before packaging.

If you receive marijuana with plant matter, it may be a pain to take it back. However, there are ways to remove them yourself at home. One method that’ll work is by using screen-filtering bags.

Finding a supplier you can count on is vital. If you’re up for the challenge, though, plant a cannabis garden at home. That way, you’ll always have cannabis at your fingertips.

Although, you need to look into the cannabis laws in your area before planting marijuana on your own.

5. Be Cautious of Powdery Mildew

Powdery mildew is a condition that develops as cannabis plants age and mature. Over time, the substance will break down into CBN.

Remember, when there’s less THC due to CBN, your product will be weaker when smoking or consuming it.

Keeping away mildew is critical since you want to experience its full effects.

Again, you can avoid mildew by storing your weed in a well-sealed container. Keeping it away from moist environments will also ensure it stays fresh.

Even when you focus on storing it correctly, you can’t keep all the air out. But keeping it sealed well will at least allow you to use your marijuana for a while still.


If you’ve noticed any of these issues with your product, don’t smoke it!

You may have recently purchased weed that looks questionable. If so, ask your supplier about what went wrong. In addition, you may want to send them a picture of the product to prove it has mold.

Some companies will compensate their clients for defective products. But it’s essential to show proof so they can see it.

The best way to always have fresh marijuana is by getting it at a dispensary or trusted company. Or, you can have a marijuana garden that you’re in complete control of!


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