Are you one of those who are afraid to age? Do you think that you have lost confidence in yourself due to the signs of aging that have appeared on your skin? Well, age is just a number. We do not just say it, but you will see people proving it. You just need to commit yourself to a small number of things right to attain and retain a youthful look. It may not look that simple, but yes, if the following tips are followed effectively, you can really look younger. 

Note: most of the tips in this section are in line with helping you attain a youthful look in the short and long run. 

Stay hydrated

We cannot impress enough on this one. While people may think that it is okay to not be hydrated and go on skipping water for days or rather survive on carbonated drinks, as much as it can mess with your kidneys and your liver, it messes with your overall well being and, in turn, with your skin too. The skin begins to age and loosens owing to dehydration.

Staying hydrated rejuvenates the skin, keeps it healthy, and enables better blood circulation, which helps in keeping you overall healthy.

With the scorching heat, it is evident that most of the water is excreted from the skin via sweating, and you need to make up for it. Drink at least 2-3 liters of water a day to retain the youthful glow.

Word of caution: do not expect it to work overnight. Give it time.


We just cannot stress enough. Exfoliating the skin can make a whole lot of difference. You can also make use of a micro abrasion tool to scrape off dead skin and also help your skin rejuvenate. Just like fresh grass grows that looks and feels beautiful, so would your repaired skin. 

A professional micro-abrasion would cost you somewhere around $200 a session, and you would need 5 to 6 sessions. However, you can do that at home with a DIY exfoliation kit. 

Pro-tip: you can keep exfoliating your skin with a mild scrub.

Word of caution: these tools should be used with great care. They can also damage your skin if not used properly. 


If you were confused about how useful it is, you should not be now.

Before you put on makeup, ensure that you have put a good quality moisturizer, which is then followed by putting on moisturizer. As we age, hormone levels decrease, and the skin becomes drier. While you may want to reach for the cream base, don’t overdo the base by putting a lot of powder. It increases pigmentation and doesn’t give you an overall smooth coverage. Instead, if you like a cream recipe, try a rich moisturizer. Better yet, use a corrective moisturizer like eminence coconut age corrective moisturizer. 

Covering the blemishes and giving the skin an overall tighter look will help you look younger and obviously your best. 


Yes, based on the region you live in, where SPFs are daily. They protect your skin against the harmful UV rays that the sun projects. Needless to say, there are quite a few myths about using an SPF where people say that it promotes dead skin and may also increase pores on your skin. Well, a few can. You need to choose one that suits your skin type, but you need to choose one even when you are heading out during winters or if the region you live in is not too sunny. 

Skin, when directly exposed to harmful UV rays, can age easily, and these kinds of damages are not easily repairable. Either you get them treated by a dermatologist, or you wait years for your skin to recover. 

Can you put in that kind of wait? Wear a good-quality SPF, please. 

Work on em cheeks

Grab your favorite highlighter, bronzer, or contour; it’s time to define this jawline and treat yourself to the high cheekbones of your dreams. “Highlight the areas you want to highlight.” But, wait. Highlighting with a powdered glossy highlighter on dry, wrinkled areas will lay emphasis on it, but using a moisturizing conditioner to increase the feel of dewy skin looks healthy and can bring a youthful, healthy shine. “When it comes to shaping, it helps reduce the sac that sometimes appears near the jaws and lifts the cheekbones when mixed properly, while being careful not to apply too much.

Natural oils to the rescue 

Extra virgin olive oil contains fatty acids similar to those found in our skin and is an incredibly gentle moisturizer. If you have dry, overload sensitive skin on rough face and eyes, stop your skincare regimen and soak a thin layer of unflavored oil overnight instead. They help you even after a beach day when you are severely sunburnt.

It is the secret of beauty that people have not revealed before, and that has been used and effective for more than a century now.

A simpler eye makeup

If you have been putting on makeup for quite some time, you will understand that the simpler the makeup, the better it looks. If you literally load your eyes with a lot of makeup products, you are bound to look a bit older. As much as these vibrant eyeshadows look good, they age your skin and make you look aged. It is as simple as that. Going majorly natural is the key to a youthful look.

(Yes, you may want to get Botox and fillers, but it is not cost-effective and can turn out to be a mess as well.)

Bottom line

Of all the beauty secrets to look young, you would see that we have busted a few myths of you and have given you beauty treasures that can be passed down the ages from a mother to a daughter and from the daughter to her daughter. Also, most of these tips are also not gender-specific. Even the male crew around you can make use of this. 

They will literally bless you when you share these. Also, developing a skincare routine in line with the tips mentioned above would not cost you an arm or leg, so that is a plus.

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