Decorating the empty walls of a room is a challenging task. A bland and dull wall is like a blank canvas. However, a blank canvas means you can show much creativity without giving the wall a strange look.

Items you hang on your walls can fill a blank space, add color and vibrancy, create a clean look. They bring liveliness and style to every inch of your vertical space.

The best thing about wall décorations is that it is the easiest and quickest way to transform the look of any room. Here are some inspirational wall decor ideas for your new home:

Thematic walls


A thematic wall can make your space look organized, attractive, and well-thought. So try a theme based on the style of art pieces, for example, ink-based paintings, abstract wall art, or cartoons.

If you are an art collector, you can also go with any artist’s paintings. Another interesting way is to display photographs while sticking to a particular mood, for example, a monochrome display or captured photos.

You can mix and match photos and paintings and photos with decorative wall-mounted objects that complement the theme. When you choose a theme based on monochromatic pictures for wall décor, it adds elegance to the room. 

Mount a Mirror


The easiest way to add style and glamour to a new home is by incorporating mirrors. You can mount one or several mirrors as per your requirement. It is an intelligent way to open up space and to make a sophisticated statement

You can hang mirrors opposite to windows. In this way, you can take advantage of natural lighting too. In addition, a group of reflective mirrors can create an interactive illusion.

 As you move, your reflections change, and unlike other pieces of décor, it seems less static.

Try to use an accent mirror with statement frames or a few old mirrors with antique frames. It will create a stunning wall, no matter where you place the mirror.

Create a Splendid Gallery

Do you want to give your walls a quirky personality? If yes, then display the framed posters, photographs, paintings, or wall hangings and provide a new look for your walls.


To make the walls look expensive, cover an entire wall with these art pieces. It will give a splendid continuity to the wall from floor to ceiling.

A gallery wall is a well-coordinated and collected look of several art pieces that makes a beautiful impression. Add a luxurious touch on walls by selecting art prints with neutral tones.

Wallpapers, Wall Decals, and Wall Panels

Wallpapers are one of the most popular wall décor options nowadays. They can incredibly revamp your plain walls. You can also choose the option of vinyl wall decals as they are easy to install in the room.


Another versatile option is wall panels. It is unique and readily available with lots of variety. You can get endless options for all three in terms of colors, motifs, and themes. 

Uniqueness with Wall Murals

A sizable vertical space appears neglected and dull. But filling this boring space can make you feel daunting. So, you can brush off the blank vertical space with unique murals.

You will love a magnificent mural that fills up a blank vertical space. Just remember while selecting the mural that it reflects your personality, so pick an art piece that truly speaks about you.


Pile On Plants

Turn walls of a room into living art. To feature this idea, install stylish wooden shelves on walls. They offer a neutral holding place for green and vibrant plants to flourish. 

These small quirky planters can add more character and fun elements to the walls. Make sure plants that you hang do not require much water so that your walls and floor remain clean.

It is a unique but beautiful way to decorate the walls and add freshness to the rooms. Moreover, it is not very expensive, and you can easily install them.


These wooden shelves are a brilliant wall décor idea. They can quickly transform a plain wall to stunning and also provides you additional storage space as well. In addition, they are available in different attractive shapes and styles. 

Floating shelves and wooden shelves in hexagonal, triangular, or other geometrical shapes are in trend nowadays.  So consider using them to jazz up the walls.

Incorporate a Tapestry or Fabric Wall Hanging


Use a unique and fanciful wall decoration idea to glam up the walls. The fabric wall hanging is simple and combines both Bohemian and Nordic styles. 

The piece is ideal for personal spaces, like the bedroom. Make sure to hang in such places where there are fewer chances of catching dust. In addition, it is a great way to bring warmth and texture to the room.

Final Words

Whether you display knick-knacks or hang a painting, you can make an average room extraordinary in a few minutes. With the above wall decoration ideas, now you are ready to add a refreshing look to your interiors.

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