Water is a necessity without which life is impossible on earth. Interestingly, today we have different water types like sparkling water, tap water, purified water, mineral water, and infused water available on the market. Another kind of water rapidly gaining popularity is Alkaline Water. The following post brings you seven reasons why alkaline water is better for health.

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What Is Alkaline Water?

Before discussing alkaline water, we should know what alkaline stands for. To understand it, we need to revisit our high school science classes, when the concept of pH scale was introduced. This scale determines the pH level of any substance that’s present around us. From 1 to 6, the scale suggests acidic substances, where a substance with a 1 rating is most acidic. Also, anything with pH level 7 is neutral, i.e., it is neither acidic nor alkaline/basic.

In that context, any rating above 7, up to 14, is alkaline or basic.

Reasons Why Alkaline Water Is Better:

Most alkaline water advocates believe that it has immense benefits for health. Let’s check out some of the benefits below-

●    Alkaline Water Balances The Acidity

Alkaline water has more pH than regular tap water. This high pH rating acts to neutralize the acid in our body. In comparison to alkaline water, tap water isn’t efficient in doing so.

As per a study published online, too much metabolic acid in the body can lead to harmful diseases like Diabetes, Obesity, and Heartburn. In such conditions, an alkaline water filter could come handy. With a filter nearby, you can have immediate access to alkaline water whenever you want to hydrate yourself.

●    Easy Rejuvenation With Alkaline Water

Do you ever experience a thirst when you are out in the sun? You take a sip from your water bottle, and after some time, you again feel that your throat’s dry. Why does this happen? Chances are, you might be drinking water that’s too acidic. This type of water is known to contribute to fatigue & tiredness. To counter this, you might try switching to alkaline water for a few days and feel the change for yourself. Over time you will be more relaxed and refreshed.

●    Better Hydration With Alkaline Water

As per online research in the International Society of Sports Nutrition Journal, alkaline water hydrates you better. But why? As per the research, alkaline water hydrates you well as it better acts with the blood viscosity.

Blood viscosity is often used to measure the hydration level. Low blood viscosity means higher hydration content in the body. As per their experimental study, for people who drank purified alkaline water, their blood viscosity was less (almost six percent), helping them hydrate better.

●    Age Slowly With Alkaline Water

Our body is about 70% water. Hence,  it’s crucial to drink enough water to keep ourselves perfectly healthy. Similarly, our skin also needs plenty of hydration to rejuvenate itself over time.

But if that water is way too acidic, instead of rejuvenating, it would cause the skin to age gradually. On the other hand, alkaline water might help slow down the aging process. Are you wondering how that is possible? Alkaline water might make the skin youthful because it replenishes better and hydrates more. On top of that, it also has more antioxidants than regular water. Antioxidants themselves are known as catalytic for healthy skin. Also, alkaline water eliminates the free radicals in your skin, making it even more glowing. In a nutshell, this water is best if you want better skin.

●    Prevents Acid Reflux

Often, overeating or a sluggish digestive system can cause acid reflux. In this condition, the semi-digested food contents in the stomach might splash their way back to the food pipe (esophagus). Now, this is common if you have had some spicy food. Still, it might cause worrisome diseases like Gastroesophageal Reflux or GERD if it keeps happening again and again.

If you or someone you know have such a problem, add alkaline water to your routine. You might start witnessing the difference, as alkaline water can neutralize the extra metabolic acid. However, more studies are needed to see how long it takes to treat this condition for alkaline water.

●    Controlled Blood Sugar With Alkaline Water

A study from Shanghai had records of people with blood sugar levels and blood pressure before introducing alkaline water. They had alkaline water for some time, and their levels were rechecked. Interestingly, the levels were back to the normal or benchmark levels.

Hence alkaline water might keep a check on these essential levels.

●    It Might Prevent Cancer

Although, there is no proven study that suggests alkaline water for preventing cancer. Still, many people vouch for it. As per some theories, the cancer cells proliferate better in an acidic environment. Thus introducing alkaline water to the body might help big time.

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Now you know what alkaline water is and how it might help you. From better hydrating properties to its ability to prevent acid reflux, alkaline water could prove to be a turnaround story.   Although, you should discuss with your physician if it’s better for you before you start consuming it regularly.

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