You saw some photos and videos of Jennifer Aniston, Rihanna, Britney Spears, Taylor Swift, and others on Instagram and thought to yourself they look so natural and candid. Once upon a time, celebrities used to brighten up our TV screens or magazine papers. Today, social media channels like Instagram have broken all the barriers allowing us to get a glimpse of their backstage, bathrooms, private jets, and so much more. You can swipe your phone screen anytime to find the latest update from them. It may make you wonder how they manage to be active on Instagram while keeping up other engagements, such as stage performances, tours, television shows, films, etc.

If you believe they do it themselves, spending hours crafting that perfect message, you need to think again. Most celebrities don’t do social media activities themselves, and they don’t need to do it either when they can earn millions of dollars through Instagram posts. It is a good business for them. For example, seeing a poolside photo, you may think that it is an impromptu selfie. However, it can be a small magazine shoot organized in the presence of an entourage of makeup artists, hair stylists, photographers, sponsors, and others. So, who does it for them?

Celebrity Instagram Social Media Managers

Freshers who just passed out of college can land a six-figure job in Hollywood today. They have to sign an NDA to honor the terms and conditions. You don’t find them accompanying celebrities on their private jets or any events. These people get texts from their celebs from distant locations and translate them to express their side of the story. But this job has its downside. Any wrong message, a wrong photo, or just about anything can end their career. So they constantly work under pressure. They have to be accurate, fast, and perfect.

Besides, you also come across agencies that specialize in Instagram community management and strategy. They design campaigns where even celebrities respond to their fans.

Professional Team Behind the Production

You see a shot of your favorite celeb in a bathing suit that perfectly flatters their curves at the right places; the whole theme looks vibrant against the backdrop of the azure sea and a coconut water brand in one corner. It can appear to be a candid click, but it can rarely be the case. Hair and makeup artists will be there to style their appearances. Besides, there will be a photoshop artist too. Only images with perfect looks find a place. After all, celebrities also make anywhere around $50,000 to $100,000 from those shoots. So they will want to make every effort count.

Number of Followers and Engagements

Although it can be critical to have a certain number of followers these days, a celebrity Instagram also needs to have engagement on their posts. There has to be legitimate engagement against the follower count on a celebrity Instagram account to look impressive. So, you can understand why some celebrities involve themselves in this process and participate. It becomes easy for them to get others to interact. Brands value this a lot as they want conversions. And loyal engagement gives them an apparent hope.

Whether you joined Instagram recently or long back, you may also wish to have followers and likes. If it is true, you can consider buying Instagram likes. Choose reliable vendors that connect you with authentic and active accounts. You can witness an excellent jump in your Instagram page quality. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to buy likes on Instagram. You can search Google for information. Many everyday people and even celebrities also do this to increase their popularity on the platform. 

Celebrities’ Involvement

Even if some of them may want to stay away from the social media cash business, they cannot ignore the effect of having a presence there. Today, producers and investors check celebrities on their Instagram account to gauge their popularity with fans. They want to use their network while casting them in an album, movie, or commercial. Hence, celebrities also make an effort to be active on their Instagram whenever possible. It helps them build rapport with their followers and indirectly earn more projects or works.

If you weren’t aware of these things, you don’t need to feel bothered or embarrassed. Instagram has been a game-changer among all social media sites in the way everyone interacts here. Celebrities enjoy their time on this channel as they share their stories while interacting with their fans. It has reduced the distance between stars and fans in a way. 

Some people look for an opportunity to draw their favorite celebrities’ attention by posting engaging comments or content around them. Besides, small and large brands try to rope them in for promotional activities. Do you also have any goals around this? If yes, you can work on a strategy to get success.

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