Four Ways to Achieve Catharsis without Having an Emotional Meltdown

Emotional Meltdown

Emotional Meltdown

How many of us swallow our disappointments over things that we would like to rant about, cry about, and simply throw a tantrum. Now tantrums are acceptable when toddlers throw a tantrum – no one gets upset about them as toddlers scream and cry until they get exhausted and fall asleep. 

Seeing babies and toddlers fall asleep peacefully after they have thrown a tantrum and openly expressed how they feel, causes us to think about whether we would feel less stressed and at peace, even possibly wake up as a new person. 

Here are four techniques to calming your nerves, achieve catharsis, and avoiding an emotional meltdown that would make you look like an idiot. 

Feeling stressed and weighed down due to extra emotions? Say less! Get your headphones on, turn on the music, and go out for a quick jog. If you want, you can also do jumping jacks. The underlying purpose is to allow your body an outlet for aggression and emotions. 

We are not necessarily talking about screaming into a pillow; however, this might help as well. We really want you to make some noise, preferably go to an empty parking lot, and scream your anger out while the music continues to blare inside your car. 

You might as well go on a long drive and start karaoke while spending that time singing and screaming. Trust us when we tell you that you will feel like a different person after the karaoke session. 

You can find online platforms, such as The Doe, to purge your words. Websites like these allow you to narrate your story by writing them down. While others can read your story and perhaps relate to it, you will feel like you have been cleansed and gotten rid of your surplus feelings and emotions. 

You can think of it like the religious ritual of confessing inside a church or the kind of emotional relief that one feels after jotting down their raw thoughts and emotions inside a diary. You can also start journaling and writing freely as a way to release emotions. 

Another way to eliminate your feelings and emotions is by letting out your anger, frustration, and anxiety on a punching bag or any other inanimate object. Sometimes, simple manual tasks, such as doing the dishes, hanging out the laundry, and painting the walls, can have a cathartic effect and calm your nerves.

Understandably, when you feel anger, you want to demolish things and find relief through destruction. However, another effective method to get rid of angry thoughts is by getting creative. Imagine choosing colors that rightfully describe how you are feeling at any given moment.

You could also get creative with slime, dough, and clay. If you still don’t feel the hang of it, try out sketching out your fury by having a cathartic outlet using paper and pencil.

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