Invitation cards are indispensable formal writing to request the presence of family and friends to the wedding parties, despite the advent of the internet they are irreplaceable. Wedding invitation cards are evolving with newly synthesized materials to take shape and properties that impresses the lovers, hosts, and guests. Aleyna Davetiye brand has taken the initiative and innovations of having an online store for cards of contemporary design with luxury artistic quality for lovers and host of wedding parties.

The setup of our website,, provides easy accessibility to our ever-updated and assorted catalog of cards. The cards are group into velvet, acrylic, cheap, elite, butterfly, henna cards, and into other divisions. On the website, the displayed cards have a negligible loss in detail.

The acrylics catalog consists of acrylic invitation cards: which are invitation cards made from lightweight and dimensional stable acrylic polymer. The optical clarity and transparency of the acrylics decorate the calligraphy in the beauty of the environment.

The velvet catalog contains invitation cards made from soft woven fabrics of velvet. The velvet invitation cards have characteristics that correlate with the fabrics woven together. Velvet invitation cards are soft, lightweight, and weather inert.

“Our teams have opted for a sustainable shipping strategy. This strategy satisfy customers’ order(s) both local and remote before the deadline for delivery,” said Mr. Huseyin Yilmaz, the marketing manager of Aleyna Davetiye Wedding Invitation Card. “We have employed courier system and pipeline for ensuring the order(s) to the right customers without a disappointment,” he added.

Aleyna Davetiye brand is a Turkish renowned invitation card brand. Aleynadavetive sells cards that are characterized by in-depth and courteous messages engraved on high-end materials to request the presence of nobles to wedding parties. Complemented with reliable and timely delivery and remarkable customer services makes us a bold brand for lovers and host of weddings. More


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