Rangoli Designs ideas are undoubtedly the prettiest decoration for any occasion. But it is also a must-have for weddings. Having trouble in deciding the right rangoli design, has always been a matter.

But this problem has a solution because there are ten different types of rangoli designs that can easily be implemented in your wedding decoration.

  1. Swan Rangoli Design

Swan is a very significant wedding symbol. So, including that into the decoration of a wedding rangoli design ideas, is highly symbolic.

The white color of a swan signifies the purity of love and peace associated with the conjugal life of the couple.

  1. Butterfly Rangoli Design

Butterflies are the symbols of love from ancient times. So, including that into the Rangoli design is highly significant.

There are times when the various spaces of colors in a butterfly, multiply the beauty of a rangoli design.

  1. Peacock Rangoli Design

Peacocks are really pretty as birds, so these rangoli designs are also very beautiful if properly executed. The several shades of blue-green, red, black, and pink bring out the best in Rangoli Design ideas.

So, a peacock is a must for someone who is planning a magnificent wedding rangoli design.

  1. Swastika Rangoli Design

Another Mangalik form of Rangoli Designs is the Swastika Design ideas. The symbol is highly holy to the Hindus, so adding that to Rangoli Design is highly auspicious to the makers.

Swastika marks the beginning or start of something auspicious and special which directly highlights the marital life of any couple.

  1. OM Rangoli Design

Apart from the Swastika, the symbol OM is also very special and close to the Hindu hearts. So, having that in the wedding Rangoli design ideas marks the significance of purity.

OM is also a Mangalik symbol, associated with stars. So, it is a must for any holy function like a marriage.

  1. Ganpati Rangoli Design

Hindus often make the rangoli designs of Gods and goddesses. The most popular is Lord Ganesha. The holy Mangalik Attribute of Ganesh is utterly important for any sacred work.

Another thing is, no ritual is completed without starting with the puja of Lord Ganesha. Hence, it is highly symbolic of a wedding to have a Ganpati Rangoli design.

  1. Floral Rangoli Design

Flowers are the main ingredients for wedding decorations. But it is also popular with Rangoli designs ideas.  The main ingredient is utterly flowers of various colors.

No, in this particular form of rangoli design ideas we do not use the mundane Rangoli sand. But flowers that act as the color pallet.

  1. Lotus Rangoli Design

This rangolis usually has the picture of a lotus flower and the rest of the design flows around the base work.

Simple, yet elegant. A must-try for a sophisticated wedding function.

  1. Radha Krishna Rangoli Design

Lord Krishna and her beloved Radha, has been the symbol of love for over centuries now. Having their Rangoli design ideas is highly appreciated.

The example of love and purity for Indian couples, it is highly symbolic and significant.

  1. Rangoli Design with Diyas

These Rangoli Designs are popular in the Diwali and Navratri Season. The designs are utterly simple with some added glamour of Diyas and Pradip.

But Diya is also suggested for wedding decorations as Rangoli designs.

To be honest, at the end of the day, it is up to you how you desire to frame the Rangoli design for your wedding day but it also depends.

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