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Are Home-Office supplies still an attractive market?

home office accessories

It’s natural to think that supplies like books and pens have taken a hit with the advent of technology. Typing is far easier than writing, and the gradual shift in technology has only encouraged the former.

Does that inadvertently mean that home office accessories are on a downward spiral?

Seeking out stats

According to IBISWorld, Australia’s stationery goods retailing industry is valued at $978.5m in 2022. Furthermore, it has increased faster than the entire retail trade sector in the country.

The industry has grown at a steady rate of 0.2% for the past five years. What’s more, this growth shows no signs of slowing down!


The Chinese put the idea of writing on paper forward in the 2nd century. During the time, paper encompassed a host of materials, including tree bark, hemp, rags, etc. Clay and blunt reeds were used to do the writing.

Quills were introduced in the 6th century and could be dipped in ink. TAs a result, one could dip one end of the quill in ink and use it to write on the paper.

The year 1564 saw the rise of pencils. These pencils could not write very well but found wide use with the eventual discovery of graphite. Graphite enabled the user to write in different shades and was used in a casing to facilitate comfort.

There has always been widespread use of paper and pencils. The paper mill boom added to this use, with printers being used in abundance.


Stationery included so many items of use that the industry couldn’t pause due to a single factor.

Home-office accessories gained more interest starting from the year 1970, primarily due to their variety.

Furthermore, the pandemic further increased sales. With everyone working remotely, office supplies were the need of the hour. From webcams to desk organisers, people placed several orders online and offline.


Notably, a few accessories enjoy more popularity than the others. Even so, many of the home-office accessories have occupied a niche that is difficult to break.


Diaries can also be termed organisers. A lot of their use involves noting down important points and doodling. They offer the flexibility to use them as required and are one of the most widely purchased supplies.


Who doesn’t love neat and legible handwriting? Fortunately, pens come in various types and colours. An individual can use them to personalise the diary or scribble after a long and tedious workday.

Desk pads

These are notepads that one can use for planning. Desk pads offer an excellent way to keep track of goals. They can be placed right in front of the eye and modified as required.

The personal touch and charm offered by office accessories cannot be substituted by technology. Due to this very charm, home office accessories are still relevant.

The ability to personalise one’s work is what sets these supplies apart. Need to preserve memories through photos? Use a scrapbook. Need to write about your day and keep it to yourself? Use a journal.

Every use of these accessories is unique and cannot be replicated. By the time a similar contender arrives in the market, the concept of stationaries will have evolved too.

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