PC Builder: Basic Knowledge of Building Your Own Gaming PC

gaming pc

gaming pc

Assembling the PC itself is not difficult, but when you actually make your own, you need some knowledge about the PC. If you are worried about assembling yourself, it is a good idea to choose a that allows you to customize some parts when ordering the product from the manufacturer.

To make your own gaming PC, you need to know the parts and accessories inside the PC. Introducing the main items required for making your own PC and the basic knowledge of each:

Graphic board (GPU):-

Graphic boards are sometimes called GPUs, graphics cards, and video cards. It mainly has the role of displaying 3D images on the monitor. If you want to play games, you need a high-performance GPU. With the release of the GTX 1000 series, the price is very cheap and it has become high performance. It can be said that it is a part that can be seen to evolve even in gaming PCs.

The ASUS RTX 3070 Ti graphic board (GPU) has the role of displaying images on a PC monitor. I think it’s a part that makes it relatively easy to imagine the role. Specifically, it is an indispensable part when performing 3D processing such as games and 3D CAD.


Memory is a storage location where data is temporarily stored. It can be likened to the size of a working human desk. With a large work desk, you can do a lot of work at the same time, like reading a book and writing a book.


HDD is a kind of storage that can store apps, games, data files, etc. It’s cheaper than SSDs, so it’s attractive for those who need a lot of storage. You can now buy 1TB or 2TB if you want to save a lot of videos and images, double storage of SSD and HDD is recommended. If you want to save the data of the dash cam or digital camera, it is better to have 1TB or more.


SSD is a kind of storage and is basically the same as HDD. However, SSDs can read and write data without physical operation, which enables high-speed processing. If you save the OS and games on the SSD, you can expect speedup.

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It also has the advantage of being resistant to physical impact. The price was a bottleneck, but it has been declining recently. As a result, it is often installed in gaming PCs. Models equipped with only SSD are the mainstream. If you need it, you can increase the storage capacity at low cost by adding an HDD.

Power Supply Unit:-

It is a part that supplies power to each part inside the PC. High-performance CPUs and graphic boards that are often installed in gaming PCs tend to consume a large amount of power (W). If the performance of the power supply unit is low, the power may be insufficient and malfunction may occur. It is a good idea to check the power consumption of each part before selecting the power supply unit with the required number of watts.

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