When you pair casual or leather belts with your outfit, you can bring that grace and elegance. In this modern era, getting ready for any occasion is not an effortless task. We want our outfits to be at their best. The outfits we wear reflect our style Statement. The right kind of belt can bring about a significant change in your outfit. It can serve multiple purposes and is an essential piece of accessories.

Though it seems to be a minor feature, it can change your outfit drastically. If you have one belt to wear with all the outfits, you won’t be able to get that significant transformation. So to bring grace, you need to have different styles of belts.

There are two kinds of belts, namely casual and formal belts. The casual belts can be worn every day, whereas the formal belts can be worn in rare events.

Also, the formal belts are dressy and add a flavour to the entire outfit. These formal belts are usually worn with businesses attires or suits. Exotic leather belts may be a little costly, but one leather belt in your wardrobe is a must-have. These leather belts come in recognizable textures and patterns.

The belts provide comfort and convenience hold a significant place in amplifying a person’s entire look. When we think about the belts, we have some classic colours that strike our mind, such as black, brown, navy blue etc. The belt you are wearing should hold the same level of shine and should be matched with your shoes.

The buckles also play a significant role in designing your dress or outfit. Different kinds of buckles can draw the attention of people to your attire. These buckles can come in various symbols and shapes to enhance the overall look of your outfit.

There are some rare belts where the strap and buckle can be switched apart. You can use different buckles with the same strap to pair it with several outfits.


So when you think about starting your belt collection, you have to consider various factors. Also, the type of material plays an important role and needs to be considered while making this purchase.

So here is a step by step guide to choosing the right kind of belts:

Match your belt with the attire: Blending your belt with the attire is regarded as the thumb rule. The belt you are buying for yourself should match your footwear. The belt and the shoe materials should be the same so that you can make the best purchase.

Consider the material: Buying a belt is all about adding comfort and convenience and bringing a whole different look to a drab attire. The belts can never be purchased without considering the right kind of material. If the material of the belt is too hard, it can be very uncomfortable for you to wear. You can go with genuine leather belts or a full-grain leather belt. Suede is also a standard purchase of most people.

Look for the finishing: Though there are thousands of belts available in the market, not all of them have perfectly shaped. Most of the belts are evenly shaped. Such belts that don’t have a perfect finishing look very odd when you wear them with your outfit. So go for the belt that doesn’t have many patterns and textures as it may not last for a long period of time.

Consider the buckle: Belts hold no significance without the buckles. Buckles are so crucial for any kind of belt. So when you want to purchase the belts, you should always have a close look at the buckle of the belts. The buckle you are choosing should be fairly polished.

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