A baby spends most of its time resting in its mother’s or family’s arms, sleeping, or playing, but for the most part, sleeping. They sleep in their parents’ arms feeling safe as if nothing can harm them. Their cots must also give them the same feeling of safety and warmth. Good organic cot sheets are hence the best bet when it comes to comfortable bedding options.

New parents will relate to the importance of giving their babies everything that leans towards their comfort. Good sustainable brands understand this concern parents have, as they manufacture some of the softest and best organic sheets for baby cots. They are affordable, enabling every parent to make that sustainable choice. The article will go in-depth on how sustainable organic sheets will benefit the child’s growth and well-being and why they must consider buying them.

Organic bedding – the new statement of comfort and love:

A baby’s body is sensitive to even the slightest change and reacts to even the minutest thing that irritates it. That stated, it becomes even more significant to invest in good quality organic cot sheets that will not react with the baby’s skin. The following are a few good points to help new parents understand the benefits of organic sheets for their new-borns cot:

  • Prevents rashes: Purchasing the correct organic sheets is of utmost importance for the safety of sensitive baby skin. Even slightly rough sheets can cause bruising and discomfort. These rashes can aggravate over time if not constantly monitored, as these issues arise only due to the fabric of the cot sheets. To avoid such rashes on the child, replace the sheets weekly by washing them with fabric softeners, most importantly, use organic sheets. They will ensure safety to the skin while the softness of the fabric will put the baby to sleep right away.
  • Material is breathable: Studies have shown that over 70% of the baby’s growth happens while sleeping. A night of comfortable sleep is only possible if the material of the bedding and sheets are organic and breathable. Good organic cot sheets ensure that the air around the child both within the blanket and externally are in constant exchange, circulating instead of staying stagnant. It will also help regulate the child’s body temperature, allowing them to have a comfortable rest. Apart from that, breathable material is necessary to prevent bacterial growth within the child’s surroundings.
  • Less Chemical exposure: Yes, that is correct; many blankets and cot sheets have chemical flame-retardants accumulated over time in certain fabrics. These chemicals constitute a high amount of toxins that can cause severe damage to one’s health. Children are more prone to toxic air quality and other factors as compared to adults. Thus, it becomes essential to purchase organic sheets that are resistant to flames, but also, some sheets have foam additions that are certified in terms of safety. As little ones are always close to these sheets, the chances of inhaling the toxins or having a hazard risk are much higher. Be smart and invest in safe, soft and silky organic sheets for the baby’s cot.
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