Moving Insurance for Your Home Decor Items: Are you planning to move to a new house? Are you looking for the best movers NYC, or do you want to do it yourself? Whatever option you choose for moving, there is always a chance that home decor items can get damaged. Moving isn’t an easy process, and you have to consider lots of things. Most people often forget about moving insurance.

The best option is to get moving insurance, especially for your delicate home décor items. When you get moving insurance, your move will become much easier and secure. Moreover, it gives you peace of mind.

Important Things to Keep in Mind

  • You can’t handle everything on your own, especially delicate items. So, the best option is to let your movers handle home décor items.
  • Moving companies have experts for handling arts and paintings.
  • They pack items in a good manner and reduce the chances of damage during the move.
  • When movers pack items, you can get them insured as well.
  • When you pack home décor items by yourself, and if they get damaged during the move, you’ll not get any compensation.
  • Pack everything to save your cost but let movers pack delicate items.
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Types of Moving Insurance Coverage

There are generally three types of moving insurance, and you have to understand each type before choosing any type. The first one is basic, and movers provide it. You’ll not have to pay an additional cost for this type.

Moving companies offer the minimum protection required by the law. It’s free, but it’s not useful, especially when you want to insure your home décor items.

The second moving insurance type is full value protection. If you want to get this coverage, you’ll have to pay for it. This moving insurance type doesn’t cover extraordinary items, such as antiques, couture clothing, artwork, and other delicate home décor items.

The third type is third-party insurance, and you need to choose this one to ensure that you get a replacement or reimbursement if the items are damaged or theft. You can’t get this coverage from the insurance company. You’ll have to take the help of a moving company to sign a contract with third-party insurance.

What Are the Things Covered by Moving Insurance?

If you’re not comfortable with the insurance offered by your moving company, you need to choose another moving insurance type. When you decide to move by yourself, it’s wise to get moving insurance.

You can take the help of friends, but they’re not as professional as the professional movers are. Therefore, it’s essential to get insurance coverage if you’re not taking the help of professionals. Moving insurance offers you coverage for the damage cost to your belongings. The coverage includes the damage caused by natural disasters such as tornados and when the item is dropped during loading on the truck.

Some moving insurance coverages provide the cost of the actual depreciated value of your possession, and some pay for the replacement cost.

Is Moving Insurance Cheaper or Expensive?

There is no specific answer to this question because the moving insurance cost depends on the total value of your belongings. Moreover, it depends on whether you have done the packing and your chosen deductibles. So, it’s not easy to tell whether the moving insurance is expensive or cheaper unless we don’t know the actual value of your belongings.

The best way is to contact the moving company’s agent to get an idea of which moving insurance option is the best. It will help you to choose the best option at the most affordable price.

Tips for Packing Home Décor Items

When you decide to save cost by packing items yourself, follow these tips:

  • Ensure that the weight of the carton isn’t too much.
  • Use boxes that are sturdy and easy to seal.
  • Use bubble wrap on the side of breakable items to avoid damage.
  • Label your boxes that contain delicate home décor items.
  • Place your delicate items in a place where they’re not under stress.

Final Words

Home decor items are expensive, so the best way is to get moving insurance coverage for moving these items. It will make your items safe and provide you peace of mind.

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