Whether you want to learn Pilates to become a teacher or just to perform in your spare time, the internet is home to some fantastic resources. Many years ago, you would have to attend a physical course and potentially travel around the country. Now, you can take advantage of any of the following resources!


Need to learn how to drill a hole in the wall? Watch a YouTube video. Need to learn how to groom a dog properly? Watch a YouTube video. Want to know all about Pilates? You guessed it; YouTube can help. 

As a (mostly!) free platform, YouTube has all sorts of tutorials and guides from professionals, trained Pilates coaches, and other fitness gurus. Type ‘Pilates for beginners’ into YouTube, and you’ll get pages upon pages of high-quality results. 

Especially after the pandemic, when everybody was looking for home workouts, this standard improved even more. Therefore, YouTube is a fantastic place to start. 

Breathe Education 

If your goal is to learn everything there is to know so that you can pass it on to students, Breathe Education is the resource you need. You’ll get a Certification in Pilates, and you’ll also learn how to find your voice as an instructor. No matter your age, no matter your height, weight, or fitness levels, Breathe Education helps everybody with a passion for Pilates. 


As well as containing playlists for Pilates, you’ll also find Pilates podcasts on Spotify. While some discuss Pilates-related news stories, others provide a manual for teachers, a manual for students, and other resources. 

This is the perfect solution for those leading a busy lifestyle. You can listen to a podcast while doing chores around the home, commuting to and from work, workout out, or sitting in a waiting room. With some podcasts, you’ll even follow along with a session. 

Pilates Anytime 

One of the best ways to learn about something is to get involved, and with Pilates, this means classes. Therefore, the following suggestion is the brilliant Pilates Anytime. Starting with a free trial, you’ll access hundreds of teachers around the world and thousands of videos. 

Head over to the homepage, and you’ll see that it’s broken down into different categories. This includes: 

  • At Home 
  • Reformer 
  • Mat 
  • Active
  • Seniors 

Consequently, those training to become a teacher will learn about all the different styles. You don’t need an expensive reformer to get started, and you’ll find many classes with just a mat. Pilates Anytime constantly updates its video library and is available through Apple TV, Roku, and Chromecast. 

Reddit and Forums 

Another way to learn Pilates is to get involved in communities and speak with others who love the exercise style. Across the internet, you’ll find all sorts of community forums, while the main Pilates subreddit has nearly 18,000 members. Every day, you’ll find members engaging in conversations, and it’s a great place to ask questions without feeling embarrassed. The community is kind, and all members share a passion for Pilates. 

One of the great things about communities is that you have a whole backlog of conversations and posts to explore. Of course, this means learning from mistakes, seeing answers to common questions, and more. 


If learning Pilates is on your to-do list this year, here are just some of the best online resources to get started. You’ll enjoy YouTube, Reddit, forums, Breathe Education, Pilates Anytime, and Spotify. You could even add Kindle Books to this list – it all depends on how you like to learn! 

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