Best Tips to Follow While Choosing Human Hair Wigs

Human Hair Wigs

Human Hair Wigs

You may be looking for something to provide a short-term solution to a period of thinning, chemotherapy treatment, or, in the best-case scenario, a disguise for a terrible haircut. Or, perhaps you’re coming to terms with an extensive hair loss condition and need human hair wigs that can be worn regularly for an indefinite period. Ultimately, understanding the type of hair loss is often vital when discerning what type of wig would best suit your individual needs.

Synthetic Hair Vs Human Hair

Synthetic Hair Wigs

For instant satisfaction, synthetic human hair wigs are always there to help you. Already colored and styled, synthetic hair has what specialists refer to as ‘memory’, meaning the wig retains its shape after being washed and therefore no styling is needed. However, arguably this convenience comes at the expense of versatility; synthetic hair cannot be treated with heated styling irons. Also, it has to be carefully protected from heat in everyday situations. Even the heat while opening an oven is enough to damage your hair fiber. 

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Therefore synthetic hair wigs typically wear out quicker compared to other human hair equivalents. Yet this might not be seen as a threat to an individual who loves the freedom of putting on a variety of styled wigs for different occasions.

Human Hair Wigs

As well as appearing much more like a real head of hair, human hair wigs feel much more realistic to the touch. Similar to synthetic hair, human hair wigs must be cared for carefully, however, they are far superior in terms of durability. 

Washing and styling are essential when caring for a human hair product. On purchase, they often come in a simple style allowing the wig to be cut and even colored on request, a service most good wig specialists should provide. 

Whether you want to create a brand new look or are attempting to recreate the hair you’ve lost, human hair wigs can often allow the first important step to deal with long-term hair loss, offering a realistic and pleasing aesthetic.

Wig or ‘Hair System’


To look natural, human hair wigs arguably feel comfortable by miles; unlike synthetic hair. Wigs give you a specific amount of ‘breathability’. When you think of the comfort given by a potential wig purchase, it is perhaps the most crucial aspect to consider the available wig bases. 

There are a variety of materials used to make the base of a wig and the increasing popularity of products with a combination of these materials to offer maximum comfort and realism. Two of the most common materials are as follows:


Standard wigs in their most basic form are made through weft stitching. A stretchy net base is there with rows of hair stitched in.


Made from a strong, transparent material, monofilament bases are designed to look like your scalp. The realistic base allows the wearer to change their parting if desired.

Standard wigs, when you compare human hair vs virgin hair, are made in set sizes. Though these often provide a very good fit for most clients, the material at the nape of the neck can prove somewhat intrusive. In a sense, you can always feel you have the wig on. To some, this can feel reassuring, but more often it can become irritating to the skin, especially during extended wear.

Hair systems

If hair loss is massive, after various wigs experimentation, people look for a long term solution in the shape of a customized ‘fitted’ hair system. This may feel very different from a wig at first, as it is far less obtrusive and created intentionally for ‘second skin comfort’. With the use of wig tape or adhesive for that extra security, these made to measure products are designed to offer the individual normality in life again. 

Where discomfort can be an unhappy side effect of extensive wig-wearing, the innovative material used in bespoke hair systems is specifically designed with continuous wear in mind, some clients wearing them for days at a time.


Cost, as with most things in life, directly correlates to quality in terms of hair replacement products. But what are the factors that make a wig more desirable or ‘better’ than others? Simply put, realism. The purchase of a wig is rarely impulsive. However, a product that is critical to rebuilding confidence during what is often a very difficult time for an individual suffering from hair loss. 

As discussed, there are many benefits of human hair products when compared to their synthetic counterparts. Yet naturally, this ‘natural’ hair, is more expensive to source and therefore comes at an elevated price.


When searching for a wig that looks undetectable but allows for a little disruption to your routine, a bespoke wig design is frequently advised; specifically for hair loss sufferers who enjoy living an active lifestyle. Any wig, though often looking natural, can feel very unnatural to its wearer. 

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Buying the right hair wig is therefore a case of finding a combination of good hair, a good fit, and a reasonable price. All of which is possible to find with the help of an informed, established, and reputable hair clinic.

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