Have you ever been in a situation where your squatting made you uncomfortable in a gym?

Every woman who has decided to exercise outside her home has felt the dread of underpants-show at least once. Whether it’s the blotchy sweat stain or painful chafing, your undergarments make all the difference during workouts.

Workout undergarments like G-strings ensure your absolute focus on losing the extra pounds and not on the butt imprints.

What Are Your Options for The Best Workout Undergarments?

The regular gym-goers will have a wardrobe full of yoga pants, sweat-proof jackets, airy tees, and headbands. Now, with comfortable undergarments in your closet, you have the opportunity to make the most out of every exercise session.

1.     Say Hi to Hipsters

As the name suggests, your hipster panties sit right under the waist while shaping the hips. The best part about these undergarments is their comfort and coverage. The panty will stay put in place and afford you a great shape with your gym wear.

Caution: These skin-hugging, silky and smooth underpants will be your favourite wear in no time!

2.     Be Grateful to G-Strings

Famous for being the choice for spring breaks, the panties have more to offer than baring the wild side. The easy and comfortable design of the garment lets your intimate area breathe even during your workout sessions.

After all, the surest way to stay away from infection through sports is exemplary workout wear!

3.     Thrive in Thongs

Aren’t you always worried about showing a camel toe while doing your lunges?

You’re not alone if you face the constant pressure of adjusting the clothing on your crotch. The perfect undergarment, i.e., your thong, can do away with these troubles for you.

The undergarments must be your go-to choice for your next session, from preventing odours to wicking away the sweatiness.

4.     Bring in the Briefs

Bunching and chafing turn out to be the most notorious amongst workout issues for women. While briefs may have been your safest bet for the regular days, they’re going to redefine convenience with exercises now.

Whether it’s an intense sweat session or gentle yoga exercises, your mind can now remain focused and calm with no-show briefs.

How Should You Choose a Gym Undergarment for You?

Works for all – isn’t something that you can say for women’s undergarments. You know the troubles of choosing the right one for your outfit. However, your gym panty can attract comfort to your exercises sessions with a few tips in your basket!

  • Low-Rise: The panty that sits at the lower curvature will allow you a no-show waistline exercise.
  • Flat Stitch: The seam around the undergarment can form a viable reason for friction against the skin for chafing. The seamless or flat design will prevent any irritation during your movements.
  • Fabric: Whether you opt for cotton fibre or quick-drying technology, the proper material will ensure ventilation during sweaty sessions.

Your undergarments are the last thing on your mind before you decide to break a sweat. Only until the discomfort makes you drop the idea in the middle, or worse, reach out for medical help.

Your hunt for the perfect gym panty shouldn’t begin with the start of an infection or a rash.

If you want your exercises to work out for you, your clothing choices, especially the undergarments, have to be in line!

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