Biometric Verification – A New Normal For Identity Verification

Biometric verification

Biometric verification

Biometric verification is the process of authentication in which the person is identified on the basis of unique biological and physiological traits. The procedure progresses by matching the scans of the images against the saved data to allow or deny access to the information. In general, it means that the individual’s body becomes a key to access the systems.

Reasons To Use Biometric Authentication System

Technology is an integral part of modern life and with the increasing digitization of the world, it has become more difficult to secure confidential information. Keeping in view the plenty of security breaches happening to people, it is time to require a highly secured authentication method. A biometric verification system is one such system. Following are the reasons why this method is a majorly used one:

Biometric security systems are highly reliable and secure user information. With biometric verification in place, individuals can only gain access if they are the authorized users. Unlike passwords, biometrics are unique to every person, stealing or manipulating them is nearly impossible. This makes biometric authentication highly secure to implement for identity verification.

Online biometric verification may seem to be a bit tricky but from a user’s point of view, it is extremely convenient. Remembering passwords feels like an effort sometimes but placing your finger or standing in front of a biometric scanner or a camera and letting it do the rest of the work itself is easiest as one can say. 

The authentication done by this technology proves to be highly accurate and authentic. Because verification through biometrics ensures the remote presence of an authorized individual at the time of verification hence reducing the chances of identity theft and account takeover making it a preferred choice of most businesses.

Biometric identification is the identity verification method in which the information is already saved in the system. Whenever a user goes through this verification mode, the system checks his biometrics against the information already present thus the processing happens faster. 

Common Biometric Features 

Some of the biometrics are more important than the others and this is based on their level of accuracy and convenience. Some of them are:

Face biometrics are the commonly used features in which the facial features of the individual are analyzed. For instance, the distance between the eyes, nose, ears, chin, and eyebrows is analyzed within seconds. Some of the companies are now providing facial biometric authentication services which are helpful for the ongoing KYC.

This is the most accurate way of doing biometric verification online because the software uses 260 anchor points which is much higher than the anchor points used during the fingerprints system which is 60 to 70. In the iris authentication technology, the software analyzes the texture of the iris. 

This is the most commonly used biometric because of its convenience. The individual is required to place their finger on the scanner and the software makes the digital image of the fingerprint and matches it against the biometric data already stored in the database.

This biometric character is analyzed by assessing the geometry of the hands. It is done by measuring the length of the fingers and the width of the hand.

The speaker’s voice is analyzed to check their claimed identity in which the voice is compared to the voice model. This biometric is widely used in telephone banking. 

Online Biometric Verification is the Future

Taking into consideration the authenticity or accuracy of the service it is safe to say that online biometric verification is the future. Biometric services are already being used by a lot of businesses, banking sectors, government offices, and almost everywhere where the verification method is required to access the information. And with everything getting modern over time, the merchants definitely would want to go for a technology that saves them time and does authentic verification. 


Biometric verification is the modernized or advanced form of identity verification. It is done by analyzing the biological and physiological features of the users. It is a widely used technology because of its authenticity and also because it is the fastest service with the minimum risk of fraudulent acts. The biometric features that can be used in the service are fingerprinting (commonly used because of affordability), iris recognition (widely used because of its accuracy), hand gestures and facial features, and more. Coming with abundant use and modern technology features it will not be wrong to say that online biometric authentication in the future.

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