Would you like to discover the country on your own during your holiday? Then grab a rental car and explore the most beautiful corners of your holiday paradise completely independently and freely. So that you can start your self-drive adventure without any worries, I will give you the best tips and tricks for booking a rental car today.

What is a rental car?

A rental car is – as the name suggests – a vehicle that you can borrow from a provider of your choice for a certain period of time. You first reserve the vehicle you have chosen before picking it up from your rental company’s pre-determined station, such as tlt.ae. These stations can be found in almost every major city in UAE, as well as in many places abroad, especially in popular holiday destinations. There, the stations are usually located near train stations, in the city center and very often right on the airport premises. Because that’s where most of the customers arrive and can easily pick up the rental car directly.

How does a rental car book work?

In most cases you can easily book online. On the landlord’s portal, you first enter your pick-up and drop-off location and the period of your rental. Then comes the most beautiful part, as you can now choose a rental car. Once you have found a car that suits your holiday planning perfectly, you can usually choose between different payments methods for renting your dream car, whereby there are often discounts for those who pay in advance. There are also various additional options waiting for you when booking, which you can choose according to your needs. To complete the booking, you then enter your personal data, which is usually limited to your name, e-mail address, home address, telephone number and date of birth. However, you can often also enter your flight details, of course only if you want to pick up your vehicle at an airport. The flight data is used to ensure that the rental company waits for you even if you are delayed.

Once you have arrived at your travel destination, you should definitely check your rental car for damage or defects before you leave, which must then be reported immediately. The reason for this is very simple, because the damage can be noted in the rental agreement and therefore does not fall back on you.

Who can book a rental car?

In principle, of course, everyone who has a valid driver’s license. But there are certain limitations. Your age can be a big limitation and the length of time you have had a driver’s license also plays a role. Many agencies specify a minimum age when booking a rental car, which differs from rental company to rental company.

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How do I pay for the rental car?

To pay for the rental car, there are usually two different options. Either you pay when booking online in advance or when you pick up or drop off the rental car on site.

The catch for many, however, is the compulsion to either pay by credit card or to present it when paying with another card. In short: You need a credit card. When paying in advance, the fixed costs are collected directly, but often a credit card must be presented for identity verification at pick-up. If you pay later, the payment is to be made either when you pick up the car or when you drop it off, depending on the rental company. However, it is often worth paying in advance, as many providers offer a discount and reserve a specific vehicle for you. Many lenders also ask for a deposit, which normally has to be paid when picking up the car. Sometimes the car rental companies also block the deposit amount on your credit card until you have successfully returned the car.Book aRental Car – Tips&Tricks 1

What is included in the price?

The price usually includes taxes, a service and location fee, some kind of basic insurance cover and free mileage (often unlimited). However, the fuel is not included. Although you will normally receive a full tank of fuel, you will then have to return it with a full tank. However, this is the fairest method, since you only pay for the fuel that you actually used yourself. The number of free kilometers also varies from provider to provider. If you exceed the specified daily mark (usually 200-500km/day), you pay a certain amount for each additional kilometer driven. This amount is usually only around 10 dhs per kilometer, but this can quickly add up over longer distances. It is therefore advisable to keep an eye out for providers with unlimited free kilometers.

Which additional options can be booked when renting a car?

In addition to the advanced insurance options, there are other additional options that you can add during the booking process. These additional options usually include the fee for young drivers below the minimum age. In addition, persons who would like to act as an additional driver in addition to the renter themselves must also be named. Here, too, a relatively small fee is due, which is usually around AED6-15per day. It also depends on the provider and the selected vehicle.

Other additional options are often the specification of special requests, such as a diesel vehicle or an automatic transmission. But also, more or less useful utensils for the trip are rented here. First and foremost, these are child seats, which cost around AEd10 per day. Accessories for trips in the winter months and navigation systems are also often offered. However, so that the passengers don’t get bored while driving, companies offer mobile WLAN hotspots for an extra charge, which can also be used to surf the web while driving in the rental car.Book aRental Car

Always read the small print carefully!

Even with sensible insurance offers that exclude you from liability in the event of damage, you should really consider taking action, since a small amount can already protect you from very high deductibles. However, if you follow these tips and deal thoroughly with the various offers, nothing stands in the way of exciting tours on your own – I wish you a safe journey!

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