British Horror, American Animation, and French Comedy : An Overview of Major Online Premieres

British Horror

British Horror

“Savior” Maud (Morfidd Clarke) is a private caregiver for the wealthy and lonely. One day she comes to work in the house of the formerly successful but fading from cancer dancer Amanda (Jennifer Ehle character in Happy Season 3). Maud believes that God himself is showing her the way, illuminating her solitary existence with powerful visions. Now the girl, by all means, is ready to instruct Amanda on the path of soul salvation.

This British horror premiere took place at the prestigious Toronto Film Festival. Rose Glass’s film inherits the classic films “Carrie” and “Rosemary’s Baby” , walking the path of confrontation between the saint and the sinner to the very end. The golden rule from director Rose Glass is not to condemn the madness that lives in all of us.


“Show at the End of the World”

Glory is matter too fickle. Today you are at the peak of popularity, and tomorrow, in order to somehow maintain your reputation as a star, you need to go on a safari to shoot a dubious program. This is exactly what a motley company of four adventurers does, including an eccentric TV presenter, stand-up comedian, a world-famous football player and a star of an animal show. It will be hot, as they say.

In the film by James Utah, the audience is waiting for the golden caste of their favorite French comedy: Christian Clavier, Mikael Yun, Ramzi Bedia, Sylvie Testu and Pascal Elbe. All together they will shoot their version of “The Last Hero”, and to stay alive, the participants in an amazing adventure will have to try very hard.


“Drone of Professor Derville”

This fantasy series is narrated from the perspective of a drone that sets off on an amazing journey across mysterious Karelia. What is there only: dragons, and amazing caves, into which no man’s foot has stepped, and even the Stone Choir. All this is needed in order for the Drone to finally find its wonderful creator – Professor Derville. After all, the world and the audience must know their hero.

The authors of this Russian web series(The Asterisk War Season 3) have successfully combined a captivating storyline with colorful animation and special effects. It will be interesting for both large and small viewers to watch it: after all, mythical motives here are organically intertwined with the beauties of the Russian North.



A story about what the purpose is, how to find your spark, and what is the meaning of life, presented for the little ones. School teacher Joe Gardner refuses to die after an accident, creates a stir in the heavenly office and tries to explain to a restless soul (and at the same time to himself) why life is beautiful and worth living.

Pixar’s new hit is this year’s Oscar nominee. The film already has two Golden Globes in the piggy bank: for the best animated film and the best soundtrack. The new project of Pete Docter, the creator of Up and Puzzle , logically continues his previous work, telling about the most intimate – the human soul and its darkness. There is everything for which we love the creations of the Pixar studio – genuine emotions and sincere love for our heroes.


Body Games

Six bosom friends decide to get back together for some fun. The tense everyday life of the heroes entails appropriate ways to relax – the craziest competitions await the company, and 150 thousand dollars are at stake. Everyone will get it.

Friendship on the verge of a nervous breakdown, crazy adventures and eccentric jokes – fans of the genre of youth comedy will definitely remain dvolno. Let her heroes have grown a little older today. Friendships, as usual, will have to pass a test of strength, and old grievances will surface to unite the company even more. The film was directed by Josh Duhamel, the star of the Transformers franchise.


“Sometimes Always Never”

Alan (Bill Nighy) is a tailor who has two beloved sons. The eldest, Michael, disappeared a few years ago – he just left home while playing Scrabble. But Alan is sure that Michael can be returned – the main thing is not to miss the signs that fate throws up. Alan sees clues in the online version of the game “Overlord Anime Season 4“, which becomes his real mania. It is because of this obsession that the man seems to have completely forgotten that he has another son.

The classic problems of fathers and children in the new version are presented in the directorial debut of Carl Hunter. The ideal British actor Bill Nighy as the inconsolable father of the family, whom you love to look at in any role, is a solid bonus.


“Difficulties of adaptation”

The music business is a nervous sphere. Theo is a producer who successfully manages work tasks as long as there are life-saving pills at hand. True, at one point the hero decides that he no longer needs them, and those close to Theo himself take this decision too close to their hearts.

Debutante Catherine O’Brien’s film has an impressive cast: Simon Pegg, Juno Temple, and Alexandra Daddario in a cameo role. The director is interested in the experiences of an ordinary person who tries to cope with difficulties as best he can. Sometimes for this you even need to go all the way through the clubs in Los Angeles. But close people are always ready to help.



The title of the film was given by one of the stories of Varlam Shalamov, the last years of whose life the picture is dedicated. He spent them in a nursing home, and the plot revolves around the existence of the hero in this place. The closed world of a hospital ward, two male neighbors and the last poems of a Soviet classic who has seen a lot.

Director Dmitry Rudakov tried to use the language of cinema to express what Shalamov wrote about in his prose – about the experience of imprisonment in the Gulag that is difficult to translate into words. The visual style of “Sentence” refers to the early works of Alexander Sokurov. Rudakov’s film Vagabond Season 2 is an excellent example of a biographical film that stands above the dry facts from the life of a great writer.

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