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Investment Sales New York City 1

Investment Sales New York City 

The Investment Sales market in New York City has rebounded with force, reaching levels last seen in 2018. The fourth quarter saw the highest dollar volume since the third quarter of 2018. As a result, the total number of deals is now nearly $28 billion,…

Top 4 Most Popular Lån of 2022 2

Top 4 Most Popular Lån of 2022 

#1. Unsecured Unsecured lending programs are available for people without collateral. They are often approved based on a borrower’s income, credit score, and current debt, but high debt-to-income ratios may make unsecured lending programs difficult to obtain. Because unsecured financial assistance programs require no collateral,…

Bigfoot Outrigger Pad 4

Bigfoot Outrigger Pad 

If you’re in the market for a new outrigger pad, you should consider the benefits of Bigfoot outriggers. This construction equipment is made by veteran American workers and is designed to minimize human error. The pad’s custom composite construction, patented rope handle, and recovery memory…

The Benefits of Presentation Training for Employees 5

The Benefits of Presentation Training for Employees 

There are many benefits to undergoing presentation training for employees. For one, it reduces employee anxiety and procrastination. These negative emotions are often the root of procrastination. Studies show a connection between fear of failure and procrastination. For another benefit, presentation training can help employees…