Now, if you are in the military or any of your family members are in the military, then a sense of discipline should be your biggest weapon.

Not just discipline, if you are a retired combat fighter, then you certainly have the qualities of leadership, time management skills, prudent thinking, and being professional. The qualities mentioned above can also be seen in a person who is a corporate employee, a trainer or maybe a technician.

The Government of Australia provides many opportunities for work to their retired military personnel. For example, like retired combat, a fighter can become a trainer to teach self defence for kids at Head Academy.

A combat fighter is a soldier who has worked in the military and specialises in combat or warfare.

There are numerous career options for veterans. And each of the retired fighters required skills and qualities that they could bring to their workplace.

A few of them are listed below-

1. Trainer

‌ The soldier’s military experience helps them be physically fit to do their job better. With sometimes into training and certification for the same, one becomes a perfect fit to give personal training. There are certified gyms that can train you for the same.

‌ As in the case of self defence for kids at Head Academy, most of the trainers are retired combat fighters or any other military personnel.

2. Police Officer

Since retired combat fighters had a security role in ministry, they were trained to be aware socially and make decisions under pressure. These are all the skills required for being a Police officer.

A police officer must protect the citizens and prevent crimes from happening. They are the one who responds to complaints and all the calls.

3. Aviation technician

Since a retired combat fighter worked in the military and has specialised in combat, it is possible that they might have repaired aeroplanes and looked after them in case of emergencies. These skills will be a good fit for the role of an Aviation Technician.

Apart from the above-stated things, an aviation technician performs routine checks and diagnoses the airplane engine with any defect.

4. Criminal Investigator

If you have conducted any investigation in the military, you used your investigation skills. Although the veteran has to start from a basic level, skills will help them be at the top of their game soon.

Apart from the above, there are many other roles for which you can become a perfect fit. For example, the military is a team not just operated and led by soldiers. Other people are also required like her, like a truck driver,  mechanical engineer accounts manager, or that operations manager.


A veteran needs to be able to communicate their prior experience and skills in the military. The above stated are just a few of them. There are many other roles also that can be taken up by a retired combat fighter. And it is always suggested to the good amount of research on your part wherein you can know whether the job you want to do requires any additional certification or not.

Like that of a personal trainer, self defence for kids at Head Academy requires the trainer to have the required skills along with a certification. So it is always better to take out time to research about different roles and their future in companies.

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