Curtains make a special outlook in our windows and the space area of our house. They may allow adequate sunlight to pass through or could either blocks it. Also, the designs of our curtain can make our home look luxurious or can even make it spacious.

Having classy, neat, and various styles of curtains to fit our windows is a necessity in making our home more fabulous. However, the interchanging of different curtain styles never has to need a great budget in our pockets. We can improvise some materials or either make combinations to make them curtains to go styles.

The key to making DIY curtains do not need consulting from interior designs. We can actually copy curtains styles in home magazines and websites which offer help in home innovations for curtains to go. Some of which we might find helpful tips are below.


  1. Simple sheets as cloth curtains

If you want simplicity to sink in your home, you can make an easy and cheap curtain from your plain sheets. Flat sheets are so easy to make into curtains to go as you do not need styling in the cloth. You just need to create holes for the curtain rods and just drop them.

The easy way to make it look elegant is to fold them into both ends of the window. With this, you can allow adequate sunlight to pass through your bed or space. The neatness of the cloth is the key to making it look elegant.

Cheap Curtain Hacks That Could Save You Dollars! 1


  1. Try your shower curtains

Besides being cheaper in amount than cloth curtains, shower curtains can be a doable curtain in your home. This is for the reason that most sizes of shower curtains do have a length size of 72 inches which can cater to big windows.

Also, most designs of shower curtains come in various pictures from flowers, animation, animals and even you can personalize them. With more options of designs to choose from in shower curtains, why not try them as an alternative on your curtains to go?


  1. A beautiful filter like Matchstick Blinds

If you are a busy bee and never have time to clean your house, then why not try using matchstick blinds as your curtains to go. Blinds are quite similar to curtains as they also minimize sunlight passage in our home and are a great way to promote privacy as well.

Matchstick blinds are roll-ups, unlike the typical curtains that are usually placed on the side or middle of each window. The good thing with matchstick blinds on the other hand is the lesser maintenance and durability. They may take years before being destroyed by termites or through the passage of time. In maintenance, you can clean them at least once a month which is never time-consuming on your part.


  1. A drape from your tablecloth

In most of the homeowners I knew, I learned that they have more tablecloth options to choose from than their curtains to go in their houses. If you are in the same case, then why not try making your other tablecloth options your new curtains-to-go choice.

One thing about tablecloths is their texture and durability. Some of them may have a style to fit as a curtain but their textures are perfect to work especially during winter days. They were warmer compared to ordinary curtains. And that’s a great deal to get from your old tablecloths becoming one of your curtains.


  1. One piece of Roman Blinds

I know that Roman blinds are more expensive than ordinary curtains. They too have different styles but what they have an advantage over ordinary curtains is their ability to add insulation. Roman blinds have the ability to prevent energy leakage from the house. This is good during your summer season, where your air conditioner can never be wasted.

Also, during winter days, the Roman blinds can offer insulation inside the house. It makes the house warmer compare to the temperature outside. If you think getting one is tight on your budget, but take a minute to choose at least one piece. Roman blinds are durable which could last years in service. Besides, to make it cheaper, you can make yourself one by just buying it online and have it made to measure curtains.

Cheap Curtain Hacks That Could Save You Dollars! 2


Always consider the option of making your home the best haven to relax. Take a look at your window and check if these tips can be applied to your curtains to go. Make sure that your curtains are so nice to watch that when you look at them, you can always have a smile from those glimpses.


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