The use of neon sign is increasing among people worldwide. It is a piece of art people use in their houses, business locations, and events. It was invented back in 1910 by Georges Claude. He prepared the neon light signs using glass tubes containing neon gas and electrodes. There are neon signs for sale available in different colors and designs.

Now, you can discover modern LED neon signs to use for any space. Many people are also investing their money in custom neon signs. This lighting is also perfect for gifting it to someone. In this article, you can check more details for custom LED neon signs gifts:

Custom LED Neon Signs Gifts

You can make a personalised neon sign for gifting as per your choice. Custom neon signs are prepared as per your preference as you can choose any font, color, and size for it. You will get the liberty to mention any name, logo, artwork, or other details on the custom neon sign. There are many uses of neon art custom signs. You can use them as night lights in the nighttime in your home.

They also help to attract customers to your business location. Then, many people also use them in the events like weddings, birthdays, or other celebrations. A custom sign also has clear acrylic backing for easy setup in a place.

Creating Custom Gift Sign Online

It is easy to create a custom LED neon sign gift online. You can create an account on an online neon shop and use their customization tool. This tool helps you choose any color, font, and size for your custom sign. Also, you can enter any text using the customization tool. Online neon sign makers accept different payment methods for their custom signs.

Ideas Of Custom LED Signs Gifts

You can make any custom sign for gifting. People create energy-efficient custom signs for their loved ones like friends, family, girlfriend, wife, and more. Before giving a custom sign to someone, make sure to know their favorite color. Nowadays, custom name signs are in trend among the people. You can also create custom signs inspired by nature, animals, song lyrics, quotes, and more.

It is also best to create a custom sign of business logo or name and give it as a present to someone in your company. You can make a custom LED sign of the bride and groom’s names and gift it at their wedding.

Online Shopping Of Custom Gift Signs

There are many online neon shops available on the internet. You can create a custom LED sign from a trusted and well-known online store. You can also use their customization tool to create custom signs. They also provide free giveaways and best offers to their customers. There is convenience in buying custom gift signs online. You can order customized signs by sitting in your home using the internet.

Online neon stores provide fast delivery to their customers at their doorstep. You will also get options for refund and return of the neon products.


Q1 How LED Custom Signs Are Better Than Glass Signs?

Ans. LED custom neon signs are better than glass signs as they provide many benefits. LED signs are safe to use as they do not contain breakable glass tubing and toxic gases. They also do not create much heat and noise. You can use this energy save sign as they are eco-friendly. They use less electricity than the glass signs.

Q2 What Are The Color Options For Custom Gift Signs?

Ans. You can create a custom gift sign in any color of your choice. So, these color options are available for custom neons: warm white, orange, red, purple, pink, blue, green, and more.

Q3 What Is The Power Source Of Custom Signs?

Ans. A custom sign requires around 12V to light up a space. You will get a transformer with a custom sign. There are also custom neon signs available that operate on battery.

Q4 What Is The Cost Of Custom Gift Signs?

Ans. You can create a custom gifting sign at affordable prices from online neon shops. They take orders for custom signs and provide them at lower prices than offline stores. The price of a custom sign depends on its color, size, design, and no. of letters.

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