If you’re like most students, you probably have no idea how to write a college essay. Even if you know how to write one in high school, the amount of essays that professors expect you to complete in college is going to leave you overwhelmed and overwhelmed. That’s why it’s important to know how to get the best grades in college – and that starts with good grades on all of your essays. Luckily, our writers at College Essay Help can help with that!

Three Reasons College Essays are Important

The college essay is really an opportunity for you to provide admissions officers with a window into your soul. This is one of the only times that they’ll see you as anything other than a numerical score. In fact, that single essay can make or break your chances of getting into your first-choice school. It’s not just important—it’s mandatory if you want to stand out. 

There are three things that go into good college essays, and all of them are equally important. If anyone’s piece falls short, it can ruin your whole application. So let’s walk through each element individually and make sure everything lines up like it should.

The Do’s and Don’ts of writing college essays

Colleges want students who are well-rounded and intellectually curious. Writing an essay on a particular topic helps reveal those qualities, so pick a topic that you’re interested in. But just because you’re interested doesn’t mean your choice is a good one. Don’t spend hours writing about nachos or your pet goldfish, both of which are topics that have been used in essays submitted by real applicants. 

If you can’t think of anything else, choose something relevant to your major for example, if you’re applying for a degree in history, write about a historical event that interests you. If it doesn’t interest you, then don’t write about it! Also, avoid controversial topics; while they may make for interesting reading now, colleges are more likely to look at them as indications of poor judgment than they are as evidence of intellectual curiosity.

What you Should Know about Admissions Officers

Admissions officers are there to make sure you’re a good fit for their school. They’ll look over your application, read what you’ve written about yourself, and even talk with people who know you. What you write on your own behalf has a tremendous impact on whether or not you get accepted and of course, it matters if it’s grammatically correct and well-written! 

And that’s where college essay help comes in handy. Even if English isn’t your first language, or writing just isn’t one of your skills yet, we can still help you craft an essay that will get noticed.


You are an expert on your own future. There is no one who knows better than you what you need to do and how you need to succeed. So, don’t let anyone else write your college essay for you. Instead, get started with these tips today and make it yours! And then pay someone else to edit it…just kidding! Good luck!

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