Confess – A short film featuring Tullia Ferraro gets submitted to the Chicago International Film Festival


Tullia Ferraro is one of the up-and-coming actresses from the United States. She contributed to numerous projects in the recent past as an actress, and almost all of them could receive a lot of attention. One of the most recent contributions of Tullia was to a short project titled “Confess”. Confess was directed by Carlee Wyman, and it was shot back in the year 2019. This 35mm shot film was recently submitted to the Chicago International Film Festival. This would be a turning point in the career of Tullia Ferraro, as she is playing the role of the main actor in the short.

What is “Confess” all about?

Confess is a short film, which has a deep meaning. The story takes place in a dining room, where Tullia Ferraro serves dinner to his husband. After placing the plate of his husband on the table, she sits in front of him along with her plate. That’s where Tullia takes a deep breath and says that she wants a divorce. However, Jonathan, the husband, doesn’t react to it, busy minding his own business.

Tullia continues with her confession, and she says that she is at a loss, and it is eating her alive. Then she ends up with all she wanted to do is confess it to him.  Jonathan remains calm throughout the entire conversation. After a couple of seconds, he asks Tullia in sign language, “Are you okay?”. What seemed to be a quite surprising reaction, to see him being calm in such a tense situation, turns into the big revelation of the husband deafness. At the end of the short, Tullia Ferraro reveals her character’s deep love for her husband, despite the critical situation she’s clearly going through.  

This is just a short film, but it gives out numerous important messages. The director, Carlee Wyman has done a great job with it. We are yet to see what this short will be able to enter the Chicago International Film Festival, which is scheduled to be held later this year.

The performance of Tullia Ferraro

Tullia Ferraro is an Italian-born actress, who learned the basics before getting into her career. In fact, she graduated from a two-year acting program, which was held at the Caremoil Studio Academy, located in Milan. Along with that, she went ahead and got herself trained by some of the industry professionals. They include the Emmy Award Winner, Michael Laibson as well. This knowledge is helping Tullia Ferraro to bring the very best version of her into the performances.

Tullia is passionate about the work that she is doing. She has been able to secure numerous achievements in her career within a short time period. As a result, it is possible to say that she has the potential to become one of the most successful actresses in the country. She is motivated by the success and continues to thrive in her journey along with time.

The ultimate goal of Tullia Ferraro is to make her fulfilled with the work that she is doing. She is happy to wake up in the morning and continue with the work that she is doing. We can clearly see it from the performance of Tullia Ferraro in Confess as well. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and see if Tullia can secure an award for her excellent performance in the short at Chicago International Film Festival.