The city of Dubai is gaining widespread attention due to Expo-2020 that is slated to begin in a few months. Visitors are expected to flock here in a huge number to attend this event.

Other than that, the emirate is also famous for its wonderful activities. Among them, the most popular happens to be Dubai desert safari. The tour seems incomplete if you don’t go for dessert and do activities there. It gives you an awesome experience. Trips to Bedouin locations on camel backs, a ride on a jeep, and having a BBQ party at night. All look amazing and give you an experience that you remember forever.

When you move ahead to any dessert you will find different activities to do there. Some of these are given as

Enjoying the ride in SUV

The morning desert safari tour in Dubai is one of the best parts of the trip. You can enjoy a Hummer or Land Cruiser and view the whole dessert. The cars are of the finest in appeal and comfort on the top of the dunes. The drivers have maintained the SUV with safety gear so the riders stay comfortable during the ride. It is an ideal means to forget the normalcy of life and experience a wonderful time in the desert. If you want to enjoy the desert safari then try to choose the morning time.

Dubai Adventure Tour

The desert safari offers you an Adventure tour by doing activities like camel riding, sand skidding, and dune bashing. You will get a complete package to have an exciting tour. Moreover, you will enjoy the Bedouin traditions and heritage like Tanura, henna designing, and shisha.

Don’t forget to take photographs

Desert Safaris is the best place to fulfill your photography requirement. The gorgeous landscape offers a lot of places where you can capture memories. Have some amazing snapshots in this great safari trip.

The places where you can take pictures and enjoy capturing the memorable moments are

1.      Al Awir

Al Awir is a farming village with remarkable sand dunes with a lot of recreational activities.

2.      Al Lahab

Al Lahab is a place located near Dubai city and enjoys the desert terrains. Here are the endless stretches of luxury desert safari that are known for camping attractions.

3.      Liwa Oasis

It features the biggest sand dunes where you get the authentic dessert experience. It is located about 30 KM from Dubai and about 230 km from Abu Dhabi.

Why is it a must-do activity in Dubai?

Either you plan to go for Safari in the morning or evening, both will be an awesome option. But people prefer the morning safari because of the following reasons.

  • You can enjoy 4 to 5 hours of the day there and explore the sands and immerse the beauty of the desserts.
  • Morning desert safari first gives you the view of unveiling soft light rays. You feel cold beneath your feet and light warm on your head. This makes a great combination.
  • Moreover, exploring dessert with the Land cruiser is another exciting fun.
  • You can customize your trip according to your choice and arrange activities according to your schedule.
  • Take photographs.
  • One more thing is that don’t forget to take the guide with you as he will help you tell the history and about activities in the desert safari.

Final verdict

Desert Safari in Dubai is one of the wonderful parts of the trip. You should not miss it. Either you prefer a morning safari or during the evening be prepared for it. Do homework before you go there so you can enjoy every moment there. Make a plan and complete your tour by visiting the big deserts in Dubai.

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