Choosing the right mattress for you can be easy and difficult at the same time. If you are aware of what to look for in a mattress while buying the mattress then it would probably be easy for you to buy a mattress rather than pursuing to buy the mattress without knowing properly about it.

The main difference between king size and a queen-size mattress is the width of the mattress. Both the mattress is measured as 80 inches long, But the king size mattress is 16 inches wider than the queen size mattress. Queen-size mattresses are one of the most popular mattresses because their unique size makes them a popular mattress in a bedroom of any size. King beds on the other hand would need a master bedroom to contain and would also accommodate more people than the queen mattress. Therefore choosing between a King Vs queen-size bed is not only the size difference between the two mattresses but various other intriguing factors that influence your choice to buy either a King or a king-size mattress.

Before we go into further detail, let’s make a comparative analysis between the two mattress types.

Parameter King Queen
Size 76”x80”x11” (inches)

193.04×203.2×27.94 (CM)

6.33”x6.66”x0.92” (Feet)

60”x80”x11” (inches)

152.4×203.2×27.94 (cm)

5”x6.67”x0.92” (feet)

Price $999 $799
Bed size Recommended 76×80 inches 60×80 inches
Room size 13×13 ft 10x10ft
Comfortably fits Couple with kids, couples who need space to stretch Couples with no pets, single sleepers


After we have established what is the basic difference between the two mattress types let’s have a brief idea of what these mattresses are and what are the merits and demerits of using them.

King Size Mattress

King-size mattresses are the most ideal choice for a master bedroom. They are usually owned by people who do not want to compromise on space and luxury and would love to bring in their kids or pets along with their partner while they are about to sleep.

Merits of Using a King Size Mattress

  • Ideal for couples who need more space to move around or want to share their bed with their kids
  • Perfect choice for spacious bedrooms
  • Available widely

Demerits of Using a King Size Mattress

  • Owing to their extensive size, King size mattresses are naturally more expensive than the Queen size mattress.
  • Because of their size, they would need wider spaced bedrooms
  • Owing to their size and weight it would be very difficult to move a king size mattress around.

Queen Size Mattress

Queen size mattress though is considered smaller than the king size mattress but are considered the most popular and dynamic mattress that is found in the market. Its popularity stems from the fact that they can be a better choice for beds in narrow rooms where king size mattresses would not fit. It’s a perfect fit for single sleepers and also can be a cozy address for couples who like to cuddle.

Merits of Using a Queen Mattress

  • Ideal for couples
  • Perfect for pet parents
  • Less expensive in comparison to King size mattress
  • Well fit in smaller bedrooms
  • Lighter in weight than king size mattress

Demerits of Using a Queen Mattress

  • A couple won’t be able to sleep with their children comfortably on a Queen mattress
  • Not a perfect choice for tall sleepers as it would give them less space to stretch

King size Vs Queen Mattress: What are the factors that you must consider before buying any one of the mattresses.

Besides all the factors that are mentioned above, several other factors would influence your choice of mattress they can be discussed as follows:-

Room Size

A Queen size bed would require a minimum bedroom measuring 10 feet by 10 feet to fit itself while a king-size mattress would require a bedroom measuring 13 feet by 13 feet to adjust itself. Generally, it is advisable to leave two feet of space on either side of the bed and a minimum of 5 feet of space at the base of the bed to provide additional space to walk around the bedroom. Therefore if you would try to adjust a king-size bed in a small room it would make it cramped but a queen-size bed in a master bedroom would give you additional space to adjust any other furniture. Therefore a proper measurement of the room should be taken before going to purchase the mattress.

Sleeping Partner

While choosing a mattress where both you and your couple would rest, It should be a choice that satisfies both you and your partner. The couple prefers a queen bed as it gives them just enough space to cuddle. But if you or your partner need some more space to move around or stretch or want to share the bed with your kids then it is better to upgrade to a king-size mattress to ensure enough space.

Price and Accessibility

In general, there is a mere $200 difference between the king and the queen mattress with the king mattress being the expensive one. But the additional accessories that are associated with a king-size bed as a bigger bed frame, adjustable base aligned bedding items as a king bed sheet or a gravity blanket (weighted blanket) to resolve insomnia, would all incur additional cost therefore unless you have the utmost necessity of owning a king-size bed or you are in a tight budget Queen size bed will always be a better option for you.

Bed Size

Depending on any of the brands you choose any king-size mattress would need a bed that is 76 inches by 80 inches any smaller than that the mattress would probably hang from both sides making it aesthetically unpleasing. Therefore if you have a foundation bed smaller than the above-quoted size it is better to go for a smaller mattress while on the other front a queen size mattress would need a bed that is 60.5 wide and 80 inches long therefore you need to have a bed foundation of that size to adjust a queen size mattress. Therefore you need to check your bed size and structure to make a final decision to choose your mattress.

Make sure to get the new bed into the bedroom

Regardless of whether or not a mattress would fit into a bedroom, it is very important to figure out if it will be possible to transport the mattress to your bedroom. Because many bedrooms or houses as a whole have a narrow entryway that makes it impossible for many mattresses or other broad things to fit through it. Though most mattresses are boxed and are easily transferable. It is important to measure your entrance before you go mattress shopping.


The basic difference between the queen and the king mattress is their size in which the king mattress is 16 inches wider than the Queen mattress but both are excellent mattress choices. But if you have a smaller space it is better to buy a queen mattress. In addition, there are points or factors that you can refer to before buying a mattress.

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