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Torrenting has always been a staple of people, especially the young crowd, not just in one place, but all over the world. If one can’t find it anywhere on the internet, it is sure to found as a torrent. It is a peer to peer network, where a set of servers are at work actually, facilitating a never-ending play between seed and peer. The one who gives/uploads data on one of these serves is a seed, while the one who downloads is the peer. Torrenting works as the peer, while downloading, simultaneously is uploading the same data, thus becoming the seed at the same time.

Even if it sounds complicated, it really is not; torrenting is as simple as brushing your teeth. There are many torrent websites that have cropped up ever since the word came into existence and while many of them are rotten apples, some of them are reliable and are as safe as torrents can be. Before diving in, you need to make sure you are safe online as well as check which one gets you the perfect downloading experience, not to forget the availability of content, mostly found common as well as some rare content. To be honest, there is only one site that fits all these criteria – and that is 13377x.

What is 13377x?

People definitely know about torrents but not all of them have heard about 13377x. If you are one of them, then it’s about time you did that. 13377x is a great torrent site, in the form of a highly advanced and efficient search engine. While it is an illegal website, its global popularity sort of overshadows its illegal status. In fact, as surveyed in the year 2018, it was the third most most-used and most-visited torrent all over the world.

It was found more than a decade ago, precisely in 2007, and came to the forefront of the torrenting world after the unfortunate taking down of Kickass Torrents.13377x comes in a black and orange theme, i.e. black background decorated with orange icons and font. It provides a huge library of not only torrent files but also magnet links, all of them that can be downloaded with the help of BitTorrent protocol, which is a peer to peer file sharing.

13377x has a list of proxy sites, all of which can be used alternatively for the original one. The site has a seemingly unlimited library of movies, series as well as games, and documentaries, all of which are free for the users to download. Some of the content in there is not easily available elsewhere, which makes 13377x a beautiful and one of the best torrent websites to use.

How do download from 13377x?

A difficult enough problem here can be the problem of downloading content from 13377x.

  1. Before opening and loading up 13377x, you will have to download BitTorrent or uTorrent – which are a form of a communication protocol for P2P file sharing – from the internet.
  2. Keep your P2P option running in the background, as you fire up the 13377x search engine on your browser.
  3. Search the file you want to download on the advanced search bar provided.
  4. Click on the download torrent link that opens once you click on your desired result. Since you’ve already kept the P2P software running, the link will redirect to it and the download will start quickly.
  5. In no time, your content will be downloaded, leaving you to enjoy it almost as soon as you searched for it.

Now that you have learned about 13377x, let us move on to other equally efficient torrent websites.

Other torrent websites like 13377x


TorLock is for everyone, but especially beneficial for those who are book lovers and even anime lovers as well. There are not many movies or series’ torrents, but people usually benefit from the vast collection of books and anime that they offer.

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is one of the best torrent websites, coming third in the overall world markings. The site is resilient (just like the pirates), coming right back up whenever it was taken down in the past. The content available in the library is extensively vast, with the download speed helping you get it in less than minutes.


Right from old movies to the latest, YIFY has it all. YIFY has always been the best site for using torrents, especially movies. It has a perfect collection of movies, including those we don’t even know have been released. The site comes in black and green theme, which makes it easier to access in darkness, so as to not provide any harm to the eyes.

Kickass Torrents

Kickass Torrents are – just as the name suggests – kickass! The library of the content is not only engaging and huge but is updated more than frequently. While the user interface is quite basic, not as aesthetic as users would want it to be, but what is better, reliable content in a basic site, or the exact opposite?


LimeTorrents is that one website that actually provides the users with top quality content, increasingly attracting people towards itself day by day. The download speed is actually pretty fast, probably faster than YIFY torrents and the likes. The site is authentic and safe and can get you your torrents in seconds.


Torrents, for most of the time, has always been illegal, but with the benefits that the users can reap from it, it has been worth the risks. 13377x, what with all its issues and flaws, has been one of the best torrent websites and a people’s choice at that. Not only is it because of the amazing library, but also because of the no-nonsense user interface as well as amazingly fast download speed. When torrenting is the concern, can anything get better than 13377x? I am convinced it cannot, and you will agree too, once you see and experience it for yourself.

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