With YouTube growing to the second most visited site on the web, it is crucial to figure out how to effectively promote your YouTube videos. YouTube has over two billion users who are logged in monthly and over 500 hours of videos that are uploaded every minute. With this, it’s daunting and nearly impossible to make your video go viral on this platform. However, it is good to start your YouTube channel despite facing up against several hours of videos shared by millions of creators, with the majority having a higher marketing budget. To promote your videos and your channel, you must reach the right audience to grow your subscriber count which will make you successful. Interestingly, many promotional tactics can help you stand out on YouTube. Below are some of the ways to promote  YouTube videos.

Optimize and promote your YouTube Videos

It’s crucial to work on polishing your videos to perfection before you even think of promoting them. This includes the quality of the video should be of high quality and ensuring that the videos are properly optimized for search. However, as a creator, it is crucial to understand the search intent of people when creating and promoting YouTube videos. This will aid in ensuring that your content resonates well with your audience and possibly get you a better ranking on YouTube. Importantly, think of the keywords and phrases that the audience might use when searching on YouTube and make good use of them.

Another important aspect is writing descriptive titles for each video. This is meant to draw attention and encourage users to click on the video. Amazingly, this is a vital way in optimizing your videos and trying to get a better rank on YouTube. Here are some of the things to keep in mind when making titles for your videos.

  • Include your target keyword
  • Avoid clickbait titles and focus on engaging ones instead

Optimize your description

It is crucial to have a strong and appealing video title, but that isn’t enough since you also require an optimized video description. This description will boost your rankings on YouTube’s search results for particular keywords. Just like the video title, relevant details about the video are paramount in ensuring you stand out on YouTube.

Promote your YouTube channel

Besides promoting individual videos, it is crucial to ensure you’re promoting your channel as a whole. Importantly, ensure your videos are properly arranged and optimized, however, in an attempt to help your overall YouTube presence it is good to optimize your channel as follows

Filling out your profile

Incomplete profiles leave users or viewers questioning the legitimacy of the channel which could negatively impact your channel’s growth. Always have in mind how you want your channel to appear while completing the profile. This may range from the selection of a picture or banner to your description.

Uploading attention-grabbing channel trailer

Trailers are great in luring viewers and encouraging them to subscribe to your YouTube channel. The channel trailer is a way to promote your channel by telling viewers about the channel, who you are, and your business. However, you should keep in mind that the trailer should be short and sweet as it captures the attention of potential subscribers within the first few seconds.

Maximize the watching time

Watch time-amount of time a viewer watches a video. This is important since it is used as a primary metric by the YouTube algorithm in determining how to rank videos. Interestingly, you can optimize your channel for watch time by creating playlists of related videos to ease viewers’ access and keep them watching longer.

  1. Promote your channel outside YouTube

YouTube platform has other competitors like the Facebook video watch and more which can aid in promoting your video and channel. Sharing your videos outside YouTube is the easiest way to grow your audience. Here are some of the ways you can easily promote your video outside YouTube;

  • Cross-promote your YouTube channel; this is easier because YouTube videos are easily shared, linked to a newsletter, embedded to your websites, and even shared on social platforms.

  • Collaboration with other channels

  • Embed videos on relevant pages on your website

In short, the above ways will help in ensuring that you have promoted your YouTube videos. Even with a constrained budget to seek YouTube promotion services or YouTube paid promotion, you can manage to garner more subscribers by focusing on the three ways. YouTube growth is slow and steady, even the renowned YouTubers started where you are, hence requiring more time.

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