Running a company is not a cake walk. You need to take care of the needs of your employees so that the work goes on. Apart from the company benefits, it is important to keep the employees motivated and inspired throughout to get the best out of them. You cannot ignore the fact that a company is like your extended family. Because just like our own family, the employees of our company put efforts to make the company successful.

They give their time and work for us. Without them, it is impossible to run a business. Mostly we give gifts to our employees at festivals, but sometimes random surprise gifts act as a booster and uplift the performances of the employees. If you consider your employees your extended family, then you should not wait for a particular occasion to get gifts for them. Even to make the special days of your employees more special, you can get them gifts on their birthdays or anniversaries.

Gift cards-

These days people are very much particular about things. They prefer items of their choice. So instead of getting gifts directly, you can give them gift cards. Amazon vouchers, or shopping vouchers, Flipkart vouchers etc. are available which offer shopping of a particular amount from their websites. So it becomes convenient for the recipient to buy items of their choice. They are a very practical gift option these days. You don’t have to hunt for gifts in the market. Gift cards are also a great birthday gift option.

Digital Gifts-

Digital gifts are very useful gifts in today’s technological era. Everything is becoming digital these days. From bill payments to check-ups, everything is digital now. So a smart device is all one needs to survive in this fast-racing world. So to upgrade your employees’ life and make them digitally sound,, you can choose to get them a digital gift which can include a smartphone, a digital watch, a digital health band, a laptop, headphones, Bluetooth speakers etc. The market is full of such devices, and you can choose according to your preference. Getting a digital device for your employees is the ultimate smart choice.


Hampers never disappoint as a gift. They are mostly preferred gifts, especially by organizations and institution owners where the gifts are needed in bulk. Hampers are basically combinations of various small items that are different and still compliment each other. They can be customized according to the preferences. You can customize the hamper according to the company’s theme too. There are a variety of ready-made hampers available in the market such as spa hamper, décor hamper, cookies hamper, stationery hamper etc. They include things according to their names.

* You can send birthday flowers online to your employees.

Desk Organizers-

Desk organizers are very useful and had to be an item for all the office-going people. Desk organizers ease the efforts by sorting things. A clean desk helps to think better. So you can choose to get desk organizers for your employees. You can choose different desk organizers for different employees. You can also personalize the organizers by the name of the employees. There are a variety of options available in desk organizers in the market. You can choose according to the needs of your employees.

A green plant-

Plants spread positivity and make a person happy without even cracking a joke. Giving a green plant as a gift is a great message to plant more trees and spread greenery around. You can choose to get small succulents, small bamboo plants etc as a gift for your employees. They can keep them on their desk, and these plants will inspire and motivate them. Plants have positive vibes and will ultimately make your office environment calming and serene.

So these were a few gifts items you can choose to get for your employees irrespective of gender. They are gender neutral gifts and suit every working individual. Employees are the biggest asset to a company, and it’s the moral duty of the owner to make them feel important. Getting them these gifts is one way you can make sure your employees are happy working in your company. I hope you liked the article.

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