Expensive and valuable watches are one of the excellent investments because they don’t diminish. “The older the better,” they say. Vintage watches are a watch collector’s dream because of its rarity in the market. While it is nice to own a luxurious watch, it is also a huge responsibility to maintain one.

Almost everybody would love a good watch to match their wardrobe and this Swiss brand has remained the test of time. Tissot watches are such vigorous champions of excellence and luxury. Dated way back in the 19th Century, Tissot showed Swiss excellence and gradually became one of the world-renowned watch brands up to this day.

Origin Of Tissot Watches

In 1853 Charles Felicien Tissot established Tissot along with his son Charles-Émile in the Swiss city of Le Locle–an. Tissot originally established its prestige by building highly reliable, gold-cased pocket watches that formed a strong and responsive audience all over the world. It then merged with Omega in 1930 and now both brands produce luxury watches under the higher Swatch Group Umbrella Corporation. Although the company is best established today for making exquisitely designed, yet cheap luxury watches. Tissot continues to be the brand that should not be left out of horology and be included in the history of luxury watch industries.

The first logo which spelled out “Tissot” was first registered in the Swiss Trademark Protection Act in 1880 and has changed just as much as the company evolved throughout the years. It transformed to a minimalistic yet sophisticated “T” beside a plus sign that signifies the Swiss authenticity of Tissot.

Tissot has its signature innovation by using original materials leading to functional and precise designs. Tissot has available high quality and valuable pocket and wrist watches being sold in over 160 countries.

Tissot Watch Collection


The T-Touch watches are multifunctional and tactical watches that serve as chronograph, altimeter, compass, alarm, thermometer, barometer, and date and time indicator. The functions are activated by tapping the sensored sapphire watch glass. Other model watches include the T-Touch Export Solar and T-Touch Lady Solar.

2. T-Sport

The T-Sport Range introduces different sporting watches. One of the famous and loved watches in the collection include the PRS 516, V8, Seastar 1000, and T-Race. This collection is originally in the men’s watches collection but sporty lady models were also able to promote the watch.

3. T-Lady

The T-Lady is one of Tissot’s most iconic lady’s watches which includes the Flamingo, Lovely, Generosi-T, and Cera models. Many of the watches are decorated with genuine diamonds and mother-of-pearl dials.

4. T-Classic

The T-Classic range usually includes classical, discreet, and ageless designs. It is the home to the Luxury, Bridgeport, Couturier, and Tradition collections. Models such as the deeply praised T-Complication Squelette are also considered a T-classic.

5. Heritage

 The Heritage range holds watches from Tissot’s earlier era in altering editions. It was first introduced during the 150th company anniversary celebration in 2003. The Heritage Navigator and Heritage Visodate are two of the bestselling automatics today.

6. Pocket Watch

Tissot first made pocket watches in 1853 and they are not only a testament of the superior craftsmanship of the brand but also its proficiency. The collection comprises the Lepine, Savonnette, and the special Musical Seasons pocket watches that can play music via mechanical parts.

7. T- Gold

The T-Gold range includes all the gold watches from Tissot. It is a vast collection that grows every year. One of the freshest and most elegant timepieces in this range is the current 18 kt. Gold Vintage collection in both men’s and ladies versions.

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Tissot’s Famous Watch Lines

For more than a century, Tissot is still recognized across the globe as an excellent watchmaker. From its foundation, the company continues to create priceless watch pieces. They possess unique innovative qualities that stand out from their competition.

Powermatic 80 Movement

The Powermatic 80 movement boasts 80 hours of power reserve, which is suitable to continue telling time precisely even if the watch is not worn for how many days. It is a contemporary watch line that outperforms the competition, whose movements give 1.5 days of power reserve.


The Swissmatic movement is a true modernization in the watch-making industry. The key that permits Tissot to present a model at such a tempting price lies in the mechanized production chain on which its units are manufactured, then set up in modules to build a finished movement. The Swissmatic movement gives 72 hours of power reserve, which suffices to identify time exactly even if the watch is not put on for three days.

Mechanical Movement

A Tissot mechanical movement comprises an average of 100 exquisitely manufactured parts. The balance wheel lies at the heart of the movement and secures its efficiency. With its continuous backward and forward movement, the balance spring divides the time into equal sections, accurately classifying the movement of time. The movements of the balance spring, called vibrations, are what cause your watch to “tick”. The balance wheel’s total doubts equate to 385,000 shifts a day.


“Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” they say, that is why Tissot promises to ensure the source and condition of the color, purity, and carats of the diamonds in every watch. All Tissot diamonds assure the admission requirements of the Kimberley process and a universal system for guaranteeing rough diamonds.

Main Takeaway

The brand indeed proves that they are “Innovators by Tradition” as said in their slogan. Tissot continues to strengthen its collections, inviting a new generation of connoisseurs and admirers. It also shows an influential player in the industry justifies high regard alongside other big Swiss brands. A variety of watches are available for both men and women who enjoy wearing designer watches. Vintage watches may be expensive in the market but it will always be timeless.

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