For marketers who want not to get their brand visibility and engagement rate affected negatively, posting compelling content remains the best way of staying relevant to the target audience. Even though the concept is simple, it can be difficult to practice unless you know the secrets of content generation. Some handy tips for car photographers to build their follower base and boost their engagement on Instagram:

Get To a Location with Many Cars Suitable For Photography 

While there is no death of cars on the roads, it can be surprisingly difficult to find the cars that you want to photograph, especially if they are coveted vintage cars or super sports cars like Porsche, Lamborghini, Maserati, Ferrari, etc. The best places for photographing these beauties are typically auto shows, races, historic meets, fan club meet-ups, etc. You Can Also Check How to Say Shut Up in Spanish.

Many a time, you can lie in wait for these high-end cars in fancy neighborhoods frequented by the affluent. Depending on the city you are in, even a shopping mall on the weekend could be the perfect destination for shooting fancy cars sitting in the parking lots. You can also explore your city for neighborhoods with a high concentration of luxury and pricey cars on the streets.

There’s More Interest in Rare, Classic, and Race Cars

More than the contemporary luxury car models that one can see at car dealerships and the roads, car lovers are enthused by the sight of rare and old cars. Also, there is something about the raw animal power of a high-performance racecar that never fails to give an adrenalin rush. While it is appreciated that contemporary exotic cars have their own excitement, you should not waste your time and energy trying to grab a shot of the newer luxury models bearing the Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, etc. badges.

If you want to shoot a modern beauty, make sure it is a relatively rare model like a McLaren SLR, a Bugatti Chiron, or a Koenig egg Regena. However, since the vintage models are relatively rare, there is always a very high level of interest, and according to experts; these photos get shared by 30 % more on Instagram. To create a buzz on your posts, you can also buy Instagram comments from a reputed social media marketing agency.

Pay Attention to the Composition of the Shot

A photo of even one of the more exotic cars will not have the impact it deserves if the background is inappropriate or downright ugly. If there is no way you can shoot a photo of the entire car without an ugly background feature creeping in and spoiling the frame, it may be better to change the angle and try to get a close up of any distinctive feature of the car like the front, rear or even the roof.

The converse holds because if you get an outstanding background like a beautiful cottage, a craggy mountain, etc., it can be worthwhile to shoot the car from as many angles as possible. The color of the car also plays an important role in making your photo pop. For example, if you are shooting a black car, you will prefer not to have a blue and sunny sky in the background that might otherwise be perfect for a canary yellow car. According to Auto Week, paying attention to the lighting is vital for a good photo.

Shoot the Photo from a Low Angle

There is a tendency for most photographers to shoot automobiles at eye level because it happens to be the most convenient thing to do. However, it results in the photo looking dull, which is a pity if the car itself is a looker. You should try to crouch and take the shots from low down since most cars look awesome from those angles. You can even try propping your phone on the ground in a way that it is pointing up at an angle to get a striking shot that is bound to get you a lot of likes and comments.

Engage In Minimal Editing 

Modern smartphones come with good editing capabilities that can make it simple for you to crop the picture or modify the definition, saturation, and exposure to yield a photo that can be vastly different from what it would have looked naturally. Instagram also makes available several filters that you can use to manipulate the looks of the photo. However, expert car photographers recommend using editing software or filters minimally to keep the car looking as crisp and natural as possible. Unless you want to give a dramatic look deliberately, the car in the photo should look just as the eye sees it.


Despite all the techniques of photography that you can learn, there is nothing better than experimenting continuously with your camera to get photos that are interesting enough to resonate with car lovers on Instagram. The best photographers do not let the fast pace of the environment distract them but allow themselves enough time to compose the shot so that they end up with a photo that is more than just good.

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