Social Captain, a social tech startup that seeks to help users raise Instagram followers, Facebook launches a new corporate messenger API, suffered a data breach that made thousands of Instagram passwords available in plain text. TechCrunch stated that any user who linked their Instagram account to the platform could view the source page code on their Social Captain profile and show their Instagram username and password. 

Captain confirmed to TechCrunch it had fixed the vulnerability by preventing direct access to other users’ profiles. Instagram said the company violated its terms of service by storing login credentials improperly.

Facebook Launches preaches inclusivity for game creators

Facebook launches have revealed a new toolkit designed to help game developers foster inclusiveness. Facebook has partnered with the Fair Play Alliance— a consortium of gaming companies working to create inclusive online communities — to develop guidelines that players can opt to enforce before they go live. The eight laws set forth apply to:

Accept’ (regardless of race-ethnicity, sexual orientation, or gender identification of a group member);’ Respect limits’ (in terms of refusing to make advances or appearance-based comments);’ Don’t criticize’ (someone’s gameplay or game choices);’ Don’t be disrespectful’ (in terms of threats or insults);’ Don’t clutter the chat;’ Don’t self-promote;” Don’t keep it tidy. Currently, the toolkit is in beta with plans to roll out internationally in the coming months.

Reddit launches new chat capabilities

Following years of research, Reddit revealed yesterday that it would eventually carry out subreddit chat and one-to-one messaging to all users and communities. These two new features would increase interaction between Redditors individually and across communities, “a member of Reddit staff wrote in a blog post.

The platform said the new feature could help “lower the individual contribution barrier, and speed up interaction response time.

Twitter conversations get a makeover

Twitter makes deciphering between tweets and responses easier for users with a new threaded reply feature on iOS devices. Responses to a parent tweet are indented into a connecting sequence of lines in the new interface to signify the order they were written in, providing an easy-to-read threaded discussion. Twitter says the latest answer interface will soon come to Android.

Facebook addresses false news about coronavirus

Facebook launches it was working to reduce the spread of coronavirus misinformation, which the World Health Organization (WHO) declared a public health emergency last week. Facebook said its fact-checker network is hard at work debunking false claims that hinder its reach on Facebook and Instagram. The company is alerting people who have already spread virus-related misinformation. In addition, Facebook said it was working with numerous organizations to share up-to-date information through messages on top of Facebook’s News Feed, which was implemented on the basis of WHO guidance.

Follow-up alerts on Messenger

Facebook launches a one-time notification API (beta), allowing businesses to send customer follow-up updates via Messenger. In December, the company announced plans to carry out the API to help use scenarios, such as price drop warnings, back-in-store warnings, and other essential follow-ups requested by individuals.

New child safety features 

Facebook launches have rolled out new resources and features to help parents navigate their child’s Messenger Kids experience. The new tools provide parents access to the recent contacts and chat history of their children, a log of photos shared in a chat, a list of contacts registered, and blocked-among others.

The revised features can be found in both the Facebook iOS and Android applications in the Messenger Kids Parent Dashboard.

Drew Houston joins the Facebook board

Facebook reported Monday the appointment of Dropbox’s co-founder and CEO Drew Houston to the company’s board of directors, effective immediately. Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg said, “Drew offers our board a valuable perspective as a pioneer in a technology company with services that millions of people and businesses use.

Facebook to shut down Mobile Internet viewer network

Facebook plans to shut down its User Network’s mobile web arm beginning on 11 April, the firm reported on Wednesday.

The exact reason for the switch is unknown, but sources said the decision was likely motivated by recent changes in the mobile web environment from browser companies to throttle cookies, plus the internal resources needed to keep up with possible negative impacts from new data legislation and brand protection issues. A spokesperson for Facebook said mobile site placements represented only a small part of Facebook’s Audience Network sector, and their elimination would not have a significant impact.

VSCO adds video publishing

VSCO photo-sharing software extends deeper into video, enabling users to share videos on iOS. With the purchase of video processing company Rylo, VSCO stepped deeper into the video business in December. The company has also supported video editing through its app, but users were unable to publish and upload the results of their long-form video content directly to the VSCO. Present VSCO video editing applications concentrate on photo edits including the use of templates and changes such as exposure or contrast. With the introduction of new functionality for video sharing,

New functionality for replying to Instagram stories

It’s a little thing but it’s fun. Instagram users can now use GIPHY GIFs to respond to a friend’s post, the platform announced Tuesday. In the answer text box, users can perform a keyword search to add a GIF.

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