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Category: Fashion

wedding ring

Five tips to buy your wedding ring 

Wedding rings are still the show-stopper. They are intended to remain in the hearts and at the fingertips of significant others in perpetuity. Wedding and engagement rings symbolize the start of a new adventure and are a sign of passion, fellowship, confidence, commitment, allegiance, and…

Rangoli Design

10 amazing Rangoli Design ideas for Wedding 

Rangoli Designs ideas are undoubtedly the prettiest decoration for any occasion. But it is also a must-have for weddings. Having trouble in deciding the right rangoli design, has always been a matter. But this problem has a solution because there are ten different types of…

Summer Accessories

5 Must-have Summer Accessories 

Even with the end of summer nearly here in most countries, it’s never a bad idea to grab those last-minute summer accessories that will make your time at the beach all the more fun. Whether your plan is to take advantage of those end-of-summer sales…